Make Sure Your Pay Per Head Does Not Go Down at Crunch Time

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One thing bookies and agents cannot afford is to have their Pay Per Head service provider go down, especially during major sporting events such as the Super Bowl.

On Sundays Pay Per Head sites go down, because they do not have enough server capacity or they crash from DDoS attacks, AcePerHead.com notes.

“The number one complaint that causes customers to join our site is that their old site went down, which cost them sub-agents and players. In addition to frustrating everyone involved, there is a significant potential loss in money, since many of the missed wagers would have lost!

“Ace Per Head has a team of engineers that are constantly monitoring our server performance. Our custom cloud scales quickly, and currently runs at under 10% load at our busiest time of the week. Additionally, Ace employs a global security network with servers in more than 60 countries, which monitors all incoming traffic and blocks DDoS attacks.”

Check them out here to learn more

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