Get The Most Out Of Your Sportsbook Software With These 5 Tips

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Getting the most from online bookie agent sportsbook software can be the difference between a successful bookie business and one that isn’t.

Top 5 Tips – Pay Per Head Software

It’s important that all agents check out the 5 software tips listed here. Each tip can lead to success.

1. Set Max Betting Limits

Set max betting limits for all players on all future bets. It’s important to do this right away before seedings are set for Super Bowl 52.

Once complete seedings are set for Super Bowl 52, some future bettors are going to dump on teams like Pittsburgh, New England, and Philadelphia.

Use the mass editing tool to quickly set max betting limits for all players.

2. Use Layoff Account Only When Needed

There’s close to 30 college football bowl games from now until January 1, 2018. Using the layoff account on every bowl game could lead to money saved. It could also lead to money lost.

It’s important that pay per head agents only utilize their layoff accounts when it’s absolutely necessary.

3. Utilize Line Mover with Regularity

One per head tool that’s important to utilize with regularity is the line mover. Agents should never allow a spread to fall onto a single number. All spreads should have half a point either up or down.

Change lines up or down depending on how much more money has already gone on one side of the spread.

4. Study Live Betting Reports

It’s especially important to put this into practice right away. With so many College Football Bowl games, two weeks left in the NFL Regular Season, the NBA, NHL, and college hoops all going on at once, live betting could be extremely important to a pay per head agent’s bottom line.

Study live betting reports on College Football Games and Dec. 25 NBA basketball games. Also, agents must remember that the NFL has two games this Monday, Dec. 25.

Promote live betting on the most likely watched events.

5. Schedule Limit Overrides

This should be used before the layoff account. Limit overrides encourage wagering on other sporting events. It can be a great tool to use to dampen enthusiasm on a single sporting event.

Online bookie agents should get into the habit of utilizing their sportsbook software. The 5 listed tips can lead to great success.

Remember, some sportsbook software tools, like the line mover, are only available via premium plans. 

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