Bookies: End of Football Season Doesn't Mean End of Taking Action

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For North American bookies, the high season of taking action is during the NFL and College Football season. That is when their player counts are at their highest for the year, and when betting volumes are at their highest. However just because Football season is over, doesnít mean itís time to close up shop and wait until next year.

In this day and age now, sports betting are a 24 hour and 365 day a year business. The best bookie services†( in the world never even close for anything, including holidays. There is literally some type of sporting event to bet on each and every day, and players can play on the virtual and Live casino dealer 24 hours a day. This means that if there are sports to bet, then there is certainly money to be made.

So even though there is no more football right now, there is NBA, college basketball, NHL, tennis, golf, soccer, MMA, and MLB just about a month away. All of these sports are just as exciting to bet on as football and sometimes even more exciting. Tennis and soccer alone have matches almost every single day, which is immediately better than NFL that only has games 3 days a week. The key is just getting players interested in betting these type of things.

Agents can offer their players small free plays now and tell them they are for NHL, or NBA or soccer or whatever, that way they can get their players interested in betting other sports. In addition, it is important to use this time of year to recruit more players because anyone that bets now will be a 52 week a year bettor.

With all of these sporting events available to bet on right now, this means there is still plenty of money that can be made. You can actually even make more money during this time of year if players are betting because all of these sports are often harder to consistently win at then football. The main thing is to just keep your players active, because if they are betting then they will also be losing.

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