Are You Happy with Your Sports Yields as a Bookie or Agent?

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C Costigan
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We are now in the 4th week of the NFL season, and a lot of agents are complaining about low-profit margins, while a small portion of this may be attributed to declining TV audiences, most of it can be traced back to weak betting odds and cumbersome online wagering interfaces.

Easy Ways to Improve Them

Unfortunately, a lot of agents have settled for subpar pay per head services that do not employ the best sports betting software, their decision to forego the best tools is mainly due to cost, as you can imagine, the most comprehensive and flexible betting softwareís are also the most expensive, but, as the old saying goes you get what you pay for.

Clearly, there are various components to posting strong betting odds, like the experience of the line makers, and understanding of customer betting patterns, but, having a great software that is intuitive and provides complete visibility of the operation regardless of how big this may be, is an invaluable tool for line managers and bookie agents.

When we speak of the best sports betting software, we refer to one where agents can easily segment their players according to their betting expertise and average size of wager. This kind of segmentation allows for a much more pleasant betting experience, as high rollers will have the opportunity of placing larger bets and the sharp players will be dealt lines that arise interest.

The segmentation also provides agents with added security, as they wonít be surprised by unusual betting patterns, and this were to happen they can quickly get the situation under control, it also allows them to keep a close eye on potentially dangerous players and safeguard themselves before it is too late.

If you are one of the thousands of agents who are disappointed with this NFL season so far, it isnít too late to switch your package to a better service, one that utilizes the most advanced sports betting software in the industry that will help increase your profit margins while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. The service I am referring to of course is www.AcePerHead.com, the leader in pay per head services.

With more than 19 years in the market, they are by far the most experienced company on the market today, and their higher profit margins can attest to this. They also have at their disposal the most comprehensive betting software that provides top security and stability as well as flexibility and interactive features that are sure to please both bookmakers and players alike.

With a betting interface that is 100% responsive and mobile, players can access their accounts from any device and have a full view of their past activity, pending plays, open games, alternative lines, and more. Agents, on the other hand, will also be able to manage their businesses from any device that has an internet connection, they can increase or decrease wagering limits for one or multiple players with a click of a button, they can monitor their exposure and their win/loss for the week or across a specific period, run reports etc. This is what makes this the best sportsbook betting software available on the market today.

Donít waste another moment, switch to the service you deserve today!

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