What Online Bookies Should Know About Selection Sunday

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Selection Sunday happens on March 11. Most online bookie agents should already have some things in place to deal with NCAA Men’s College Basketball betting.

But, because Selection Sunday could dramatically change some of the seeds, we thought it important to consider a couple of things agents should do based on what could happen on Selection Sunday.

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Selection Sunday Tip #1: 

Change Max Betting Odds on Teams to Win

Changing max betting odds on teams to win the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament after Selection Sunday can lead to way more dollars than before Selection Sunday.

If a team like Duke, as an example, secures a 1-seed, Duke’s odds should go much lower than the current 5 to 1.

Bettors that wanted to wager on Duke before Selection Sunday will want to wager more on Duke after Selection Sunday if they haven’t done so already.

If a per head agent had $100 as a betting limit on Duke at 5 to 1, they should raise that limit to at least $300 should Duke end up at 3 to 1.

Even if the Dukes’ odds stay at 5 to 1, bookmakers should consider raising betting limits. Why? The odds of winning the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament is always much higher than odds listed.

That’s the built-in advantage to bookmakers.

One word of caution is to never raise betting limits on a team offering odds above 10 to 1. It’s not worth taking the risk.

Selection Sunday Tip #2:

Assign Betting Limits on All Round 1 Money Lines

This is an absolute must for pay per head agents to maintain their sanity during Round 1 March Madness games on Thursday and Friday.

It’s imperative, it’s necessary, to attach money line betting limits on all money line NCAA College Basketball Tournament games.

If you don’t attach money line bets to all NCAA College Basketball Tournament money line games, you could end up paying a ton of dollars when the inevitable 12-seed upset over the 5-seed happens.

Don’t worry so much about who will bet on the dogs and who will be on the favorites. When it comes to money line bets during March Madness, almost all wagers will be on dogs.

Per head agents must make sure those money line betting limits are in place and that they have the right sportsbook management software during the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournaments.

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