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Jun/15/2018 will be making picks on ALL of the 2018 FIFA World Cup games, God willing.  And hopefully they are all winners. So far we kick off the tournament 4-0.  All picks will be found in the FIFA WORLD CUP section of this site.   SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE


Had you picked the favorites to win in the first four matches, you'd be looking at breaking even right about now.  Uruguay required gamblers to lay US$5 to win US$3 though Iran paid a nice US$3 for every US$1 bet.

It is sometimes better to risk a little more on bets that seem likely outcomes.

We were high on Uruguay beating Egypt, even though the 1-0 win hardly instills confidence.

Other bets included Portugal and Spain to both score at EVEN odds.  That 3-3 draw sealed the deal there.

The Morocco-Iran matchup had UNDER written all over it.  In fact, the alternative UNDER of 3.5 was priced at 1/7 odds.

Saudi Arabia and Russia seemed evenly matched but Russia hadn't won any games in quite some time.  We found an alternative OVER 1.5 priced at 2/5 odds, which paid out but we could have taken the OVER 2.5 at better odds considering the shock 5-0 result.

- Alistair Prescott,

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