Tips on Creating a Sportsbook Website

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Aaron Goldstein
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Our friends at Gambling911.com endorsed PricePerPlayer.com offer some excellent tips on creating your very own sportsbook site from anywhere in the world.

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Probably the most difficult aspect of starting your own sportsbook website is finding a company or webmaster to do the work, unless you happen to have those unique skills. 

With a Pay Per Head company the likes of PricePerPlayer, there is no need to find a websmaster.  PricePerPlayer creates the website for you (and your players). These companies are perfectly legal and are regular Google Adwords fixtures.

Simply telling PricePerPlayer to "make me a website" won't cut it though.  You need to have some idea what type of idea of your players, what they like to bet on and how extensive the wagering menu will be.

If you're a bookie residing in Portland, Seattle and Orlando, for example, sports bettors are more inclined to wager on Major League Soccer in addition to the other sports these cities are associated with.  Each of these cities have soccer clubs and a crazed fan base.

Once you know the players, sports and bets that will be in demand with your players, it's time to come up with a customized design. Just remember that while the designer might have great ideas, your focus should be about showcasing your products and services.

In terms of information, even though taglines and call to actions are great, there is such a thing as too much.  Thus, limit it to a certain degree otherwise your website will just look tacky.  The last part is to have in a clear and easy to understand sentences the gambling options you offer.  Also, do not forget to add any rules and conditions as not having any as broken many sportsbook operations.

Bookies and agents are a rare group of website operators who probably don't want Search Engine Optimization.  Consider your website along the lines of a VIP subscription service.  You don't want to attract every Tom, Dick and Harry by appearing on top of search engines.  It's important to know your customer. The website quality should be focused on retention, not on attracting newbies. 

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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