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Being a Bookie is not only an extremely profitable business but it is also now very easy to do with all the various sports betting software providers that are available that do all the work for the bookie.

These providers are known in the industry as pay per head companies, and they provide sports betting software to bookies for a small fee each week for each player that uses the software.

One of the best pay per head companies in the industry is and they offer their sports betting software for only $10 per active player a week. The software includes a website with thousands of sports betting options per day. In addition, since the craze is mobile phones Ace also has a fully formatted mobile sports betting software that is specifically designed to be used on smartphones.

The software is made to be very simple and straightforward with an easy step by step process for the players to insert and make their wagers. For example as soon as a player logs into the website they can choose from games that are next up on the schedule or games that are currently the most popular to bet on.

If a player is looking for something more specific they can just choose from the menu what type of wager they would like to bet on such as a straight bet, parlay, teaser, round robin, if bet, reverse and more. Then once the player selects the type of wager they would like to do then they will have access to all the sporting events that can be bet on and from there a player would just select which leagues they would like to see the lines on. After that, the next step is for the player to choose the games they want to bet on and then hit continue to select the amount that they want to bet on each game. Lastly, the player will just need to confirm the wagers by submitting their password and then they will get a ticket number of the wager they made and this can also be accessed through the open bets tab.

Then Ace Per Head also provides the bookie with an agent backend software that allows the bookie to manage his playerís passwords and limits. In addition, all the playerís open wagers can be seen on the backend which are color coated in the bet ticker based on the amount of the wager. Then when each game ends Ace will grade it and it will automatically update to the daily and weekly balances on the agent backend and the playerís account. In addition there are numerous other useful reports that agents can use on the software such as exposure on each game, a wager alert feature that can be sent to a phone number or email when certain players or certain amounts are placed on a wager, a detailed player analysis report, player lifetimes, move lines, an IP address lookup, full player history and more.

Aceís sports bookie software has everything you need to be a successful bookie and will also make it very easy because the software and Ace does everything for you. In addition, is open 24/7 so any time you have a question about the software you can just give them a call and they can help you immediately.

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