Old Friends of 5Dimes Founder Tell G911 He Really Was 'a Good Guy'

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C Costigan
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'DMan' once owned a Unified Gaming book and worked in the same office as Sean "Tony" Creighton, separated only by a dirty old mattress that Sean would sleep on after first taking control of 5Dimes.

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"I picked him up at the airport when he first came down to Costa Rica," the Abetz.com sportsbook owner tells Gambling911.com.  "I was with him from Day 1.  He did more good than bad."

Creighton, of Bridgeport, West Virginia, was found dead late last week, three weeks after disappearing in what local law enforcement believe was a murder-for-hire. 

His wife and family in Costa Rica reportedly paid a ransom of $750K in bitcoin.  They hired two security experts from the US via the Guidry Group, with up to 30 plus years of experience in the field.

Many in the industry are still trying to make sense of it all.

"He was the guy at the party who would do Rubick's Cub in 60 seconds," remarked one close friend. "And, on top of that, multiply 1.45 times 2.76 faster than you could type it in a calculator. Tuly like 'A Beautiful Mind'."

"He was a tough cookie," Dman added.  "But he would help anybody.  If you tried to get one over on him, he would clamp down on you though."

Someone who had dealings with Creighton back home tells Gambling911.com "the local West Virginia bookmakers would not do business with him, he was that good".

That individual said he hopes "folks in the US Would be in the contact with the embassy in Costa Rica to make sure this gets resolved properly."

Up until two years ago, Sean owned property in Morgantown, West Virginia along with his one-time girlfriend.  The couple eventually sold that home with all the proceeds going to the girlfriend.

The house was sold after the feds were onto a money laundering scheme involving Amazon gift cards and 5Dimes.  They were able to trace Sean down after his real identity was mentioned in his mom's obituary. 

On Tuesday, Gambling911.com will go into further detail as to what could become of 5Dimes based on information we have obtained from those who did business with Sean.

- Chris Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher

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