NFL Parlays Bookies Can Use To Increase Profits in Week 2

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NFL Week 1 provided jaw-dropping excitement as well as profit to most online bookie agents. NFL Week 2 should provide the same.

Check out the best games in NFL Week 2 to promote parlays. Then, sign up for PayPerHead’s Prime Package (Just $3 Per Head!) and start making serious cash by creating and promoting parlays.

NFL Week 2 Games for All Promoted Parlays

Bookie agents can increase NFL profits every week by promoting parlays. Bookies should promote NFL parlays with at least 4 games.

Miami Dolphins +3 at New York Jets -3

So far, more than 60% favor the Jets. Is that because the Jets really are good, or is it because the Detroit Lions, whom the Jets beat 48-17, are really bad?

Dolphins have a shot to win this game straight up. It’s harder to handicap than early bettors believe.

Minnesota Vikings +1 at Green Bay Packers -1

It seems like Minnesota versus Green Bay always comes down to the final play. Force your sports bettors to decide on the winner by adding this game into your promoted parlays.

Cleveland Browns +8.5 at New Orleans Saints -8.5

47% believe the Browns are worth backing at +8.5. 53% favor the Saints at -8.5. Does anyone know for sure which team covers the spread in this game?

 Probably not, which is why per head agents should add it to their promoted NFL parlays.

Oakland Raiders +5.5 at Denver Broncos -5.5

Raiders at Broncos is one of those classic rivalry games that could go either way. No one knows for sure which team ends up covering the spread on Sunday.

Denver might be good enough to beat Oakland by 6 points. Or, because Oakland steps it up versus Denver, the Raiders could beat the Broncos straight up.

New England Patriots -2 at Jacksonville Jaguars +2

You mustn’t let the 60% backing the Patriots fool you. This is a much tougher game to handicap than just going with the Patriots. Jacksonville probably should have beaten New England in last year’s AFC Championship.

Will Terrific Tom Brady again provide an awesome comeback?

Or, will the Jaguars close the door on the Patriots before Terrific Tom gets a chance?

New York Giants +3 at Dallas Cowboys -3

The Giants retooled their offense and defense after last season. Dallas’ defense is pretty good, but Dak Prescott has nobody to throw the football too.

At least, it doesn’t seem like he does. Here’s another difficult to handicap NFL Week 2 game.

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