NFL Betting Is Back—Online Bookies Need These 3 Tools For Success

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NFL betting is back. The most important sports league for online bookies kicks off their preseason this week. That means from now until early February, all eyes will be on the gridiron.

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3 Tools Bookies Need For NFL Betting

Check out 3 tools that every online bookie needs for success.

BetAlert Tool

One of the biggest dangers to an online bookie is what’s called steam betting. Steam betting occurs when a huge wager changes the betting line.

After the huge wager is placed, other bettors jump onto the wager.

A good way for bookies to prevent steam betting from occurring in their sportsbooks is to set up a bet alert via the BetAlert Tool.

The BetAlert Tool will tell bookies, as an example, that someone just placed $1,000 on Alabama to win the National Championship.

Steam betting could occur on Alabama. As important, though, most online bookies will want to set max betting limits on Alabama after receiving such a big wager.

The BetAlert can help bookies quickly see what’s happening in their sportsbooks.

Mass Editing Tool

Speaking of setting max betting limits, there’s no better way to do that then with the mass editing tool.

he mass editing tool allows bookies to make mass edits for all players at a single time. The mass edit that could most help bookies manager their sportsbooks is to set max betting limits on prop wagers and moneyline wagers.

By setting max betting limits, bookies cut risk. Cutting risk is always a good thing. There could also be a time when an online bookie might want to take a specific game off the board.

This too is a good way to cut risk.

Line Mover Tool

Most line mover tools are only available via premier plans, such as the Prime Package. The line mover tool allows bookies to do exactly what it implies, change betting lines.

The most important reason to use the line mover is to add a half a point to all whole number spreads. This prevents bookies from ever having to issue refunds.

The line mover can also persuade wagers or dissuade wagers. Online bookies should work with the line mover tool and see how best to use it.

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