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It’s here. The MLB Championships are back and the AL is set with Houston facing Boston. The offshore sportsbook have set the price at Houston--- ML +101, Run Line +1 ½ -210, Boston--- ML -111, Run Line -1 ½ +175.


Astros vs. Red Sox

7:09 PM ET

Fenway Park

Boston, Massachusetts

Justin Verlander gets the start with a 2.52 ERA and a 16-9 record on the season. The bad news for Boston fans; he comes loaded with 290, count em, it’s a sick number! Count em, 290 strikeouts with a WHIP of 0.90. The numbers don’t lie, dude can straight pitch a baseball! How do the numbers stack up against Chris Sale? Sale has also been off the hook this year and although his record is not gawdy at 12-4, his numbers are very gawdy. Sale enters this contest with a 2.11 ERA, 237 strikeouts and a WHIP of 0.86. The numbers across the board for two starting pitchers to open a series have maybe, never been better. Will the workhorses on the mound deliver what their numbers say they can deliver? Let’s explore…

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Why the Astros win this series…

The rotation is simply the best in baseball and Justin Verlander take the mound in game one. Obviously, game one is pivotal but no matter who loses, the other team is certainly not out, not by any stretch. Verlander is a big game pitcher and he lives for big moments. Gerrit Cole, another banger who will no doubt make an impact in this series, having 12strikouts and no walks in his last outing in the NLDS against the Indians, that was a preview of what he can accomplish. Then the Astros keep after it with Kuechel, Charlie Morton. And McCullers. It’s a monster, of a pitching rotation and has won Houston 103 games this season.

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The Pen: The Astros bullpen has been nothing short of stellar this season and led the AL in ERA. They are exceptional with Osuna, McHugh, Pressly and Kimbrel. Once the games go to middle relief; it’s over! The Astros have been nearly unmovable after the 6th.

The starting lineup: This Houston lineup is arguably better than what won the World Series last year. These guys are tough, and it will be difficult for any Boston pitcher top shut them down. Boston has pitching and if they are going to be successful against Houston, then they must get game one against Verlander, that’s a problem!

Why the Red Sox win this series…

Pitching, pitching and more pitching, it’s the only way the Red Sox win this series. They can hit for miles but the belief here is that Houston is simply too stacked. The Houston rotation brought them to this point and it will carry them back to another World Series or bust. If Boston finds a chink in the armor, then by all means, they win this series. How are they going to find a chink in the armor? Look, Boston has had an amazing season and this group of guy may be the best in a long tome for the Sox, unfortunately, they are playing the Astros, not the Yankees. Having said that, the Red Sox pitching held the Yankees to just 4 runs in games 3 and 4 at Yankee Stadium and posted a 3.50 ERA during the series. With outstanding numbers like that, they will win this series and move on to the World Series.

What really happens?

The Red Sox are a clutch group and they get it done when their back are on the wall. Houston is more clinical, they are a machine. Machines tend to fail, if Boston can win game one, they win this series, if Houston wins game one, the series will go six games.

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Series Price: Astros -145, Red Sox +125. Call your favorite bookie and get your bets in before the series price changes. This is going to be a fun ALCS and most likely goes to seven games. Get in now, get a great baseball bonus and win some money on the MLB.

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