Can I Really Run My Own Sportsbook From the US?

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  • US Supreme Court ruling changes sports betting on all levels even when it comes to local bookmaking
  • Today's sportsbook software providers make the bookie, agent and affiliate's job nearly seamless
  • There is even LIVE IN-PLAY WAGERING available, which allows for betting while game is already in progress

With the Supreme Court ruling in May to abolish decades long restrictions on sports betting, those living in the US are looking for innovative ways to run their own online sportsbook without running afoul of the law. 

Key things to keep in mind:

Each State is Different

If you live in Utah sports betting won't be legal in your lifetime.  If you live in New Jersey it already is.  Each state must amend their own laws to allow the activity. None of those amendments will include Joe Six Pack being able to run an online sportsbook from his garage.

With the Supreme Court decision, the world's second oldest profession becomes that much more acceptable and managable however.

Bets placed between friends and family members shouldn't be frowned upon.

Someone looking to start their own sportsbook needs to understand that taking bets across state lines can be deemed a felony.  Of course today's technology makes it so that individuals looking to start their own sportsbook really do little in the way of running it.  Your only job is to make sure players are happy and that the money keeps rolling in. 

Nearly all aspects of running and managing the book are done via Pay Per Head contract firms in jurisdictions where the activity is deemed legal as well. 

The Dos and Don'ts of Running Your Own Sportsbook Online

Do let the Pay Per Head handle everything but Do Not let them dictate the terms.  By this we mean, if you're players are mostly based in the New York/New Jersey area, the lines need to be skewed somewhat where applicable on Giants and Jets games.  The solid Pay Per Head firms monitor action, produce reports and make line changes where necessary without the need for consultancy on your part, however, if they are simply following other books lines without considering local favoritism, it's time for you to step in and put your foot down.


Do look for the best deals but Do Not settle for second best when accepting such deals.  It may be that you're fine with the basic package without all the bells and whistles.  This won't work with larger player pools, therefore you'll need to upgrade at some point.

Do ensure there is 24/7 customer support

Do make it clear to your players that you won't be taking bets over the phone directly with them.  Do Not take bets from within the US directly.  In many states this will still be considered a misdemeanor.

Do use the best Pay Per Head software platform on the planet.

- Aaron Goldstein,

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