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Bookies, start making real money, get out of the old and get into the new with a white label pay per head. You must stop thinking small and start winning. The time is now to get in and the busy season is right around the corner. If you want to make a small fortune this year, then you must find ways to boost your business and step it up.

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Gamblers have not stopped gambling and in fact, they have doubled down. Every year the revenue doubles and there is one good reason for this; players think they can beat you. There is a wealth of information available for every event under the sun and if they think they have a leg up, then they are looking for a bookie with the best numbers. You want these gamblers, they are reckless, they are narcissistic, and they will go broke in an effort to win. If you desire a six-figure income, then load up and come along for this dance.

  1. Find a great pay per head provider and move your existing clients to an online account. You must be online. If you are not, then you are losing huge, get in and get online now. This business is all about offerings, what can you offer the client? You can’t offer them much if you are a corner bookie at the bar. Those clients are important to you and you must not lose them, but you must have them betting with your online bookie tonight. If you are not offering them an online alternative, they will find it elsewhere and eventually leave you altogether.

You must hire a pay per head that will do all of these chores for you—

  • The accounting tasks’: Look, if you are going to be successful on any level, then you must keep track of every dollar that comes in and every dollar you spend. This bookie business can be marginal, the number will run very close some days and you will have losing days, so expect it and save for a rainy day. Whatever you do, (if you  listen to nothing else) set a budget and stick to it. Do not go over             your budget by gifting credit to players you don’t personally know. This is a death sentence, it will be the death of your sportsbook.
  • Lines/Odds: You must be prepared to offer lines and market friendly odds on each game/event, every day. This is not an easy task and although there are certainly many trusted bookies that you can follow on a daily basis, you must be in the know and you must know what the odds mean and if you want to lower them, raise them or where you want to place them exactly. The pay per head will do this on a daily basis for you. You have to do absolutely nothing. You can keep the daily odds they set, or you can change them, you have complete control.        
  • Grading bet slips: You must do this within five minutes after the end of every game/event that you have bets out on. Bettors want their bets graded, and they want to make new bets. You need them making those bets. When they beat you the last thing you want is for them to ask you for a payout. You want them to make a new bet. If you grade their winning bet within five minutes, the chances are, they will put the money right back into the house. There is nothing worse for a bookie than having to grade bet slips, lets be honest; it sucks! There may be days when you sit up until 4: 00 AM grading. Stop the madness, let the pay per head grade your bet slips.


The best way to boost your bookmaking business is to get online today with a pay per head. The cost is minimal (around $10-$15 per head). Find a fantastic PPH provider that charges a fair price and that comes with a stellar reputation for customer service. Look for one that offers a toll-free hotline that’s accessible from the United States and features gaming-knowledgeable, English-speaking agents. Make the most of your opportunity and start earning huge profits with a pay per head.

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