2008 World Series of Poker Features "Shady" Characters...Winning

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A convicted child predator that the US Government wants to deport back to Iran; a man convicted of trying to sell cocaine to undercover cops, welcome to the 2008 WSOP.

These are the individuals participating in the 2008 World Series of Poker, and either men could be heading to the final table. Add to this reports that one of this year's spectators is a main "person of interest" in the gruesome double homicide of his parents.

Shahram "Shawn" Sheikhan had dropped off the leader board quite a bit since Saturday night where he was flirting with the Top 10. This convicted child predator, who once offered sex in exchange for a skateboard with a 17 year old when he was in his late 20's, was still hanging in there but closer to the number 100 spot.

Mike Matusow was faring much better at around the number 50 spot after Day 5.

Matusow served six months in prison for drug trafficking for selling coke and pills to an undercover cop back in 2005. He ranks among the most successful poker players, with winnings that exceed $6,500,000 so far to date.

While not participating in the World Series of Poker play, Ernest Scherer III has been present at the event. Scherer III was named as a "person of interest" in the brutal murders of his own parents.

Following Sgt. Scott Dudek's plea to Gambling911.com readers for information related to Ernie Scherer III gambling debts, the Alameda, California local media has been following the case intently. Dudek told  gambling911.com that Scherer III is a "person of interest" in the double homicide of his father, Ernie Scherer and mother, Charlene Abendroth.

Both the father and son were avid poker players. The younger Scherer is said to owe substantial gambling debts, which could serve as a motive in the murder. The elder Scherer and his wife were believed to have amassed a significant fortune in real estate over the years.

"From the very beginning we look at family members and rule them out and unfortunately for Ernest Scherer III, he cannot be ruled out," Dudek told the Mercury News. The younger Scherer is a professional poker player — having learned the game from his father, who dabbled on the circuit.

Dudek told the local CBS affiliate - KPIX TV - the case is being publicized on the Web site gambling911.com because he's seeking the help of gamblers in solving the case. Specifically, Dudek wants anyone owed money by Scherer III to come forward.

As if that weren't enough, a "seniors tournament" during this year's WSOP featured Thomas A. "Amarillo Slim" Preston Jr., who was cheered after being knocked out at 91st place.

According to Thomas Somach of PokerHelper.com, in August of 2003, Preston was indicted by a grand jury on three charges of indecency with a minor.

Even more shockingly, the minor in question was his own 12-year-old granddaughter!


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