Video: Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies End April 2018 Strong

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Bitcoin Core looked like it is ending April 2018 steady above the $9,900 mark. It looked like we may be heading into a bull cryptocurrency market but now we are unsure. Bitcoin Cash has tripled its value in April going from $500 to $1,500. Litecoin hit rock bottom at almost $100 but is now trading over $150. Ethereum rallied above $700 but retraced back to the mid $600 mark. Nasdaq allegedly said open to having a cryptocurrency exchange in the future. That said, we are still waiting to see the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange-traded fund (ETF) that is supposed to hit the U.S. stock market in 2018.

The TRONIX cryptocurrencies future is linked to April 2018 based on an article on Army Of Bitcoin.  Ethereum powers Tronix ($TRX) and many altcoin forecasters predicted that Tronix would surge if Ethereum surged in April 2018. However, Ethereum did not make the kind of gains that Bitcoin Cash ($BCH) did. Ethereum reversed from its bottom bounce. In contrast, it only doubled in price. Just doubling in price instead of tripling its value in four days is something you only hear about with Cryptocurrencies, right? 


Tronix is currency trading at $0.0867861, which is a thirty-two percent increase in the past week. In contrast, it has retraced almost ten percent in the past twenty-four hours opening up May 2018 in the red for most countries.  Many real money casino gamblers and cryptocurrency investors predicted Tronix would hit three dollars or higher in April 2018. However, with Ethereum only running a little over seven hundred dollars, it did not make its bull move.

Nevertheless, Bitcoin Cash ($BCH) was the big winner in April 2018.  What will come to the cryptocurrency market in May 2018?   As of May 1, 2018, the prices at ArmyOfBitcoin.com show Bitcoin taking a hit and retracing from it's nine thousand dollar range. Bitcoin Core looked like it was holding up and may still hold up and surge to its next Fibonacci level of $10946 and hopefully hitting the next Fibinachi level $17,711, which is it's all-time high (close to $20K). If Bitcoin Core does break the twenty-thousand-dollar level, the next Fibonacci sequences are $28,657, $46,368, $75,025, and $12,1393.  If you want to make, your predictions feel free to use the Using Golden Ratio to Calculate Fibonacci Numbers.

We saw the cryptocurrency investor and expert Tom Lee on CNBC Fast Money. He allegedly said that he sees Bitcoin Core going above twenty thousand dollars.  He also noted that Bitcoin follows the same pattern of the S&P 500 (Standard And Poors 500). The pattern is a massive surge three days every year.  He said, historically Bitcoin is showing the same patterns.  Now, will Bitcoin hit one million dollars as John Mcafee predicts, the Army Of Bitcoin sure hopes so!

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