Game of Thrones Season 7 Betting Odds: Who Will Die First, Method of Death

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The folks at Covers.com have just posted odds on the upcoming season of Game of Thrones.

The popular HBO series Game of Thrones begins Season 7 and sportsbooks have answer the call, with a series of awesome prop odds for show.

Covers.com takes a look at the odds on "Who will sit in the Iron Throne?" and "Who will die first?" in Season 7. 

Covers.com also just released odds on the form of the first death in Season 7 with White Walker, Beheading and Sword or Axe the co-favorites at 2.5/1 or thereabouts. 

Some odds appear below this ad and video.

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Who will be the next character to die?

Cersei Lannister +400

Jaime Lannister +400

Jorah Mormont +450

Lady Melisandre +500

Euron Greyjoy +500

Any White Walker +600

Beric Dondarion +700

Brienne of Tarth +700

Thoros of Myr +700

Lord Varys +800

Qyburn +800

Olenna Tyrell +800

Any Sand Snake +800

Daario Naharis +800

Tormund Giantsbane +800

Davos Seaworth +800

Gregor Clegane +900

Sandor Clegane +900

Benjen Stark +1,000

Yara Greyjoy +1,000

Petyr Baelish +1,000

Theon Greyjoy +1,000

Robin Arryn +1,000

Samwell Tarly +1,000

Sansa Stark +1,200

Tyrion Lannister +1,600

Jon Snow +2000

Daenerys Targaryen +2,000

Bran Stark +2,000

Character Played by Jim Broadbent +2,000

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