Nasdaq Wants to Disrupt Blockchain

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Aaron Goldstein
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The CEO of US stock exchange company Nasdaq has said she wants the company to be a blockchain disrupter.


In interview with Fortune Magazine, CEO Adena Friedman set out her views on blockchain, and her plans for the technology at Nasdaq in the coming years.

Friedman said blockchain technology had already been demonstrating its worth in weeding out market manipulation and other illegal practices in digital currency markets, but at the same time acknowledged the limitations.

“The crypto trading technology today is just not in a position to be able to support the level of trading activity that we experience in the equities and options markets. We’re dealing with 3 million messages a second, 62 billion messages in an eight-hour period.”

Friedman said Nasdaq will continue focusing on ways of bringing blockchain technology to the market.

“Over the next decade, there will be a greater understanding of how we can make the markets more efficient and effective using the blockchain. We’re really focused on how we can bring this technology into the markets and be a disrupter ourselves.”

RegTech, KYC, and Blockchain at CoinGeek Zurich

The Coingeek Conference in Zurich showcased remarkable panels and presentations from a wide array of sectors earlier this summer. Agriculture, pharmaceutical, finance, media – you name it, and they were there.

One such slot was filled by CTO and founder of Kompany, Peter Bainbridge-Clayton. In this video, Clayton tells the audience about RegTech, blockchain, KYC, and more.  

Clayton defines Kompany as a business information provider. “We provide global AML and KYC compliant data and documents, direct from sources like API, Web, and soon Smart Contract,” he announced.  

Speaking about KYC on chain, Clayton emphasized that BSV blockchain is best when it is a part of the platform and used as a service to the end-users.

“Bitcoin SV adds capacity to the platform, which cannot be done in a reasonable fashion with another technology. There is no point in doing something if it does not add value.”

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