Bet on Netflix Ad Support, Greg Abbott Cost Texas Billions But is Still -900 to Win Re-Election

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Aaron Goldstein
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  • $50 billion was wiped off the Netflix market cap this week

  • $9 billion lost in Texas from secondary border inspections but Abbott appears safe, for now

  • And Ninja Punk Girls trading cards founder Richard Boase explains how he layered other ideas on what to do with NFTs and how they can make them extensible and interactive for buyers right now


Streaming giant Netflix has seen its stock price tumble in recent days, as much as 35%.  The company is the latest to join the betting markets with latest odds on whether it will make critical moves to cut losses.

  • Will Netflix be acquired by another company before the end of 2022?  YES 5-1
  • Will Netflix offer an ad-support model before the end of 2022? YES 1-10
  • Will Netflix announce crackdown on password sharing before July 1, 2022?

$50 billion was wiped off the company's market cap this week.  Changes are inevitable, and the oddsmakers are taking notice.

Pressing concerns right now appear to be centered on the need to include an ad-support model while eliminating password sharing.  Increased competition has also impacted Netflix subscription growth.

"We really see that second group as a tremendous opportunity, because they're clearly well qualified," Netflix's Chief Operating Officer Greg Peters said during Tuesday's earnings call. "And so now our job is to better translate that viewing and the value that those consumers are getting into revenue."


Greg Abbott Remains a "Lock" Amidst Costly Blunder

Texas Governor Greg Abbott was coming in at -900 odds to win re-election in November, beating his Democratic opponent Beto O'rourkeA costly error could impact the odds, though up to now Abbott has proven to be teflon.

The Republicn Governor's short-lived policy of requiring state troopers to conduct secondary inspections of trucks crossing the Texas border from Mexico cost the United States almost $9 billion in just 10 days, Axios reported Tuesday.  The policy, which Abbott enacted on April 6, snarled truck traffic at the border and has since been ended.

While Republicans are mostly favored to take upcoming Governor races in all but New York, these races are surprisingly tight (within -300).


Ninja Punk Girls Are Trading Cards With the NFT Twist

If you love games, girls, and NFTs, then you’re going to love Ninja Punk Girls.

This latest twist on trading cards allows players to go head-to-head with precious cards, power-ups, and other prizes on the line.

On The Bitcoin Bridge, founder Richard Boase explains how he layered other ideas on what to do with NFTs and how they can make them extensible and interactive for buyers right now—and why everything that makes up Ninja Punk Girls is all stored on the  BSV Blockchain.

- Aaron Goldstein,

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