Trump Weight Gate: BetOnline to Pay Out on UNDERS, Refund on Overs

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Jagajeet Chiba
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For those gamblers who felt duped by the remarkable weight number of 215 lbs revealed during former US President Donald Trump's Fulton County Jail booking weigh-in, fear not.  BetOnline's Dave Mason has announced that ALL UNDERS bets on Trump's weight  will be paid out while OVERS will be refunded.


A remarkable move by the sportsbook set to celebrate its 25th year anniversary.  Gambling911, in fact, was present when they first opened their office way back in 1999 as we were preparing to come online ourselves.

BetOnline's fast and celebrated decision to pay everybody comes in the shadow of dark days that have plagued the US regulated sports gambling industry as BetMGM was finally pressured into paying a Virginia Special Ed teacher his $214,000 bet.  They had cancelled that bet a full eight hours after Kris Benton placed the wager and made reservations for dinner with family at an expensive restaurant in between that big win and the cancellation.  BetMGM finally paid after nearly three weeks of arm twisting.

Additionally, numerous professional and college athletes have been suspended for violating league and school gambling policy.

As for Trump's weight coming in at 215 lbs, it appears he wasn't actually weighed but instead it was he who listed the number and Fulton County Jail officials accepted it as opposed to placing him on a scale.....or perhaps officials here were on the UNDER 278.5?

The BetOnline Trump booking weight prop became one of the most popular props ever as media outlets across the globe picked up on it.

Mason announced the company's decision late Thursday: "TRUMP WEIGHT GATE UPDATE: Trump's weight is 215 lbs (allegedly). Under bettors will be paid - congrats! However, we feel Trump's scale was faulty or perhaps there was a typo. So Over bets will be refunded.
This must be done manually so it won't happen until tomorrow. Thanks!"

- Jagajeet Chiba,

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