Trump Weight, Skin Color Booking Wagering Goes Viral, Makes the Top Headline of Drudge Report

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Donald Trump's accusation that Fox News uses unflattering photos has spurred a bevy of betting action with one bookmaker.


Last weekend, The Daily Mail did a full report on BetOnline's creative prop bets surrounding the former president's surrender in Georgia, which is expected to happen later this week. has gone one step further this week, creating odds for Trump's skin tone in his mugshot. The color names are absolutely hilarious with 16 hues of orange on the list.

The favorites are "Marm-a-Lago Orange" (a meld of Mar-a-Lago and marmalade), "Geriatric Ginger" and "Presidential Pumpkin." Among the longshots are "Russian Rust" and "Golf Course Gold." You can see the full list below.


Additionally, the website has been taking bets on Trump's weight at the time of booking in Georgia. In the past, Trump has claimed that his weight is around 240, which has always been met with much scrutiny.


BetOnline initially opened the weight "over/under" at 265.5 pounds. The site reports that more than 75% of the bettors have wagered on the "over" so the current odds have moved to 273.5 pounds.


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What skin tone color will Trump have in mugshot?                  

Marm-a-Lago Orange                5/1

Geriatric Ginger                        6/1

Presidential Pumpkin                6/1

Ballot-rigged Bronze                  7/1

MAGA Mango                           8/1

Twitter Tan                               8/1

Commander-in-Cheeto Orange  10/1

Impeachment Peach                 10/1

Majority Mandarin                    10/1

Partisan Persimmon                  12/1

Sequestered Squash Orange      12/1

Terrorist Tangerine                   12/1

Oompa Loompa Orange            14/1

Russian Rust                             14/1

Golf Course Gold                       16/1

Stolen Saffron                           16/1


Donald Trump weight at arrest/surrender?                  

Over 278.5 pounds               

Under 278.5 pounds           


Donald Trump facial expression during mugshot                                     

Not Smiling/Smirking                1/5

Smiling/Smirking                       3/1


Will Trump wear a MAGA hat during arrest?                

Yes                   16/1


What color tie will Trump have on during Georgia surrender/arrest?                              

Red                  1/2

No Tie              4/1

Black                8/1

Blue                 9/1

Any Other         12/1

Yellow              20/1

Green               25/1

- BetOnline News Wire

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