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Mac Tablet Odds

CES is the launching pad for new electronic products each year and Apple is no different. With the show coming to a close over the weekend hype and speculation regarding the new Mac Tablet is at an all time high and, as such, the online gambling website BetUS.com has posted odds on all things Mac Tablet.

In San Fran, end of this month - Apple is making a major announcement and we think we know what it is! If you can afford stock in Apple, knows the time to buy - it's only going to go up!

Analysts at BetUS.com posted the following odds on the Mac Tablet

Odds that a Mac Tablet will be announced on January 27th

No  4/1

Odds that it will be called an iSlate / iPad / iTab / MacTab/ iTablet/ iMobile /

Yes  1/3

No  3/2

Odds that Steve Jobs himself will unveil it this year

Yes  1/2

No  3/2

that Martha Stewart is involved in a new digital version of her magazine - exclusive to the Mac Tablet

Yes  3/2

No  1/2

Price of new tablet

$700 or Less  5/1

$701-$800  4/1

$801-$900  3/12

$901-$1000  7/2

$1001-$1200  4/1

$1201-$1500  9/2

$1501 or More  7/2

that Google will announce a competing tablet this year

Yes  4/1


Bet on the Mac Tablet and More Here at BetUS.com

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