Spank Odds Consensus Line Feature Explained: Like Making Soup

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Ean Lamb
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Last week, professional sports bettor Gadoon “Spanky” Kryollos released another tease regarding his highly anticipated Spank Odds service.

Spanky went over the Consensus Line feature. He describes it as being fully customizable per sport.

"YOU set the weights and make your own soup," he tweeted.  "Depending on sport, some sportsbooks are sharper than others."

So what is the consensus line exactly?

"The consensus line is....you make the soup and you put a little bit of this and a little bit of that, a pinch of this, a pinch of that, and you essentially try to make it so that you have a hundred percent, and you total everything up, you try to see this is the line I believe is a true consensus line."

He demonstrated by selecting varying percentages from a number of books, some offshore and some in Vegas. 

So essentially if you have anything better than the resulting consensus line, perhaps you have an edge.

“SpankOdds will feature betting lines from all over the world,” Spanky tells Gambling911.com.

“We will have the lines from all the casinos as well as all the offshore sportsbooks.

“And we will have the most up-to-date lines and the most up-to-date injury updates.”

Asked about the competition, Spanky noted: “Don Best cost $600 a month. SpankOdds will be free.”

- Ean Lamb, Gambling911.com

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