3 Social Media Marketing Tips For Bookies To Grow Their Sportsbooks

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Pay per head agents must always look for ways to grow their sportsbooks. One of the best ways is to utilize social media marketing.

Below, are 3 social media marketing techniques that can help online bookies grow their sportsbooks.

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3 Social Media Marketing Sportsbook Tips

It’s important to note that at all times per head agents must remain discreet.

Simply posting images, or tweeting nonsense, can lead to a lot of harm—Just ask Roseanne Barr.

Now that’s out of the way, check out the 3 social media marketing techniques to use to grow your online sportsbook.

1. Instagram

Instagram has become the most popular way for individuals to communicate via social media. There are two types of Instagram posts.

The first is a direct Instagram message to an individual, or small group. Pay per head agents can also post directly onto their Instagram pages.

To be careful, bookies should probably keep to posting only to small groups or individuals.

Be discreet.

2. Twitter

President Donny’s favorite way to communicate has also become a great way to send 250 character messages to individuals or groups. You can also tweet out odds and get your players excited for upcoming matches.

Think FIFA World Cup, with games everyday, bookies can capitalize on the momentum.

Utilizing Twitter for some bookies might be easier to do than utilizing Instagram.

3. Online group messaging

All sports sites:  CBSsports.com, Foxsports.com, ESPN.com, etc., allows you to create groups. From those groups, you can communicate.

The real reason to create a group on a sports site is not to do any social media marketing. It’s to run contests.

Running an NFL survivor contest, as an example, through CBSsports.com is much easier than running a survivor contest through your online sportsbook.

Pay per head agents can use any of the 3 social media marketing tools above to grow their sportsbooks.

Find out below the 3 ways to stay out of trouble when using social media:

The 3 Social Media Rules For Online Bookies

1. Only send messages to individuals or to very small groups – You’re a discreet online bookie. That’s why your clients like you. Don’t lose that discreteness by sending emails to large groups.

2. Specifically target – Make sure to specifically target your social media marketing messages. For example, it does no good to blanket something about the World Cup to pro NFL bettors. You might even turn them off by doing that.

3. Never offer your opinion – You’re a pay per head agent. You aren’t a sports handicapper. You aren’t a sports bettor. It’s not your job to use social media marketing to let everyone in on your expert opinion.

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