5 Advantages to Using a Price Per Head

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Jagajeet Chiba
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As many a Gambling911.com reader already knows, there are plenty of advantages of using a Price Per Head, most of which are based out of the beautiful Central American nation of Costa Rica, the world’s second oldest democracy in fact.


Enhanced Technology – Let’s face it, most bookies are old school and we know of plenty who have no clue how to set up a website on their own let alone turn on a computer (we actually know of an established online sportsbook owner who only started using emails a few years ago). 

Price Per Head sites feature the very best in server-based and website technology.  They can customize a player-friendly site that will meet all of your customers needs.

Make sure that the pay per head service you choose can guarantee the security of your data and your players’ data. Inquire about their security protocols and backups, as well as their privacy policies. AcePerHead.com will not take a signup from a subagent of an existing customer.

"We get those calls all the time, and the very first thing we do is contact the main agent," AcePerHead.com says.  "In a business partnership, undercutting our own customers is a losing strategy, and we don't care that we're the only PPH shop in the industry that values this kind of business trust."

Sharp Lines and Monitoring – You don’t have time to be following every customer.  The Pay Per Head companies do and they have the talent to make appropriate adjustments when spotting any sharp action.

Ability to Provide Casino and Poker Games – Loss leaders like online casinos and poker help to further boost profit margins.  Good luck trying to develop your own. Most Price Per Heads tap into a network of poker sites through a licensing agreement or offer their own custom made casino games.  Did you know that online sportsbooks actually realize most of their profit through the online casino?

Live Betting and Proposition Wagering – Another way to boost profits by offering something that at least three quarters of your player base will enjoy.  Bet on every single play of the game as it is happening.  Live wagering is a product that has helped established offshore sportsbooks grow twofold in recent years.

Limited Exposure – Do away with your wire rooms and bet slips.  This is like laying out a crumb trail for ants only you will attract less savory creatures such as drug addicts, gang members and desperate crooks.

- Jagajeet Chiba, Gambling911.com

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