Pay Per Head Fees – How They Work

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Many folks new to the world of Pay Per Heads often have questions about the fees.  The word itself usually results in negative connotations such as those useless fees charged by your bank or when on vacation at a fancy resort. Long established companies the likes of offer Pay Per Head bookmaking fees that are reconciled on a weekly billing cyclen and these are made clear from the onset.


How the Pay Per Head Fees Work

Agents will only be charged a cost per head (or per customer) for the accounts that have been active during a particular week, at least at  We can’t speak for all Pay Per Head businesses.

So if you happen to have 100 registered player accounts but only 30 of those placed wagers during a given week, you will not be charged the set price per head for 100 but rather you will be billed only for the 30 active players.  If it’s $10 per head, you get billed $300 for the week. 

Hopefully that $300 is just chump change compared to the savings a Per Head operations affords you by providing full player monitoring, sharp customized lines, and loss leaders that help boost profit potential such as live in-play wagering and online casino games.

One Free 'No Fee' Week Per Month for the First 6 Months

As usual, AcePerHead is once again raising the bar.

Beginning in 2023, the beloved PPH site began promoting its "one free week every month for the first six months" campaign.

How does it work?

Deposit $500 and you get the first week of each month free, for 6 months. So it is 6 weeks free promo, but it is non-consecutive. One way to spin this is, signup before season, and even when your counts go up your free weeks promo will keep coming.

It's one of the best offers on the Net when it comes to PPH companies.

Exercise Caution

As previously noted, not all Pay Per Head sites are created equal.  Some only offer a basic platform then tack on additional fees for upgrades.  This might work if it's advertised upfront and specified but some sites make it appear you'll be getting everything for one low fee and that's simply not the case.

Often times an advertised low price only applies if you have a minimum number of players, perhaps several hundred.  Again, that's all fine and dandy.  Just make sure the PPH makes this clear at the onset.

Some PPH sites don't even offer full 24/7 customer service or tech support as part of the whole package.

AcePerHead spells it all out.

- Aaron Goldstein,

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