Wayne Root: The Big Obama Healthcare Lie

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Wayne Allyn Root
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Obama Healthcare

Gambling911.com special contributor and 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate, Wayne Allyn Root, claims among other things that Obama saying healthcare won't add to our budget deficit is "one big lie"

"The smoking gun that proves Obama's government-run healthcare will fail:  The bankruptcy of OTB (New York Off Track Betting)," Root claims.  "Any Government that can't make a profit in the gambling business or the brothel business, can't be allowed to run the nation's healthcare."


As Ronald Reagan might have said, "There he goes again." Obama was telling the big lie again last night- promising that his healthcare plan would not add to the deficit. Do you remember Obama's promise that his stimulus plan would "add 3 million jobs." Instead we lost almost 3 million jobs. Do you remember Obama and liberal politicians arguing that the money we gave GM and Chrysler would not be a waste, and that much of it would be repaid? Well a new study now predicts $22 billion in auto bailouts is lost forever. How about "Cash for Clunkers?" The government ran out of money in 4 days! How do we know that government-run healthcare won't run out of money in a week?

Or let's examine the predictions for Medicare. Back in 1970, government "experts" predicted that Medicare would cost $12 billion by 1990. The real cost: $110 billion. Government was only off by almost ten times. Now Obama says his plan will "only" cost $900 billion and not add to the growing budget deficit. Anyone wanna bet? This Las Vegas oddsmaker-turned Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee is taking that action.

But a breaking story in New York may be the best case for defeating government-run healthcare (or government-run anything). OTB just declared bankruptcy. OTB (Off Track Betting) is government-run gambling. Not just any gambling- but rather the most profitable gambling business model on earth. You see OTB doesn't even take a chance. They cannot lose. They simply take a cut off the top to pay out winners, and keep the rest for themselves. Yet OTB is over $200 million in debt, and has over $500 million in unfunded liability for the pensions and healthcare of OTB's 40,000 employees.

What does all this prove? That government is incompetent and cannot be trusted to run anything. That government fails at virtually everything it does- from running brothels in Nevada, to running gambling in New York. That many government employees couldn't survive even a week in the private sector. And of course that government wastes money by employing too many people and paying them far too much. I'll bet (excuse the pun) that OTB could run successfully and profitably with 4000 employees instead of 40,000. The moral to the story is if you can't make money in the sex or gambling business, you can't run the healthcare of the United States of America.

But worst of all, the OTB story proves the foolishness of the idea of providing universal healthcare to 300,000,000 Americans. OTB is broke because they have $500 million in unfunded liabilities just from paying bloated pensions and free healthcare for 40,000 people. If you can't fund free healthcare for 40,000 people in the gambling business, can you even imagine the debt from trying to pay for free healthcare for every person in the country?

Wayne Allyn Root's new book is entitled, "The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts." For more of Wayne's views, commentaries, or to watch his many national media appearances, please visit his web site at: www.ROOTforAmerica.com. Wayne will be available to the media live on book tour in New York on September 9th-11th.

Wayne Allyn Root, Special Contributor to Gambling911.com


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