Trump Violates Gag Order By Next Friday Betting Odds

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t c jackson
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Former U.S. president Donald Trump continued to air grievances about the Manhattan hush money trial in a rambling speech outside his Trump Tower residence on Friday morning.


The former president and presumptive GOP nominee was found guilty on all 34 counts of falsifying business records with the intent to commit or conceal another crime, relating to payments made to adult film actress Stormy Daniels to ensure her silence about an alleged sexual encounter between them while his wife Melania was pregnant.

"If they can do this to me, they can do this to anyone," Trump said as he kicked off his remarks. "These are bad people. These are, in many cases, I believe, sick people.

Trump continued to falsely claim the trial was "rigged" with a biased judge and prosecutors.

He alluded to his former attorney Michael Cohen without naming him as a "sleazebag" and the judge a "tyrant."

"In a way, I'm honored," he said. "It's not that it's pleasant. It's very bad for family, it's very bad for friends and businesses, but I'm honored to be involved in it because somebody has to do it, and I might as well keep going and be the one."

"So we're going to show them that we're going to fight … It's something where I'm wired in such a way that a lot of people would have gone away a long time ago," he later added.

Trump said he still believes the conviction will only propel him to win in November.  Early signs pointed to this not being the case as the betting markets had his price plunge from -160 to -120 the hours immediately following the guilty verdict.  He did gain some slight ground by Friday morning, moving up a tick to -130.

There was a betting market on whether Trump would violate a gag order with odds set at +488.  Prison odds were also being offered at even longer odds of +567.


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