Libertarian Party Chooses Las Vegas as Site for 2012 National Convention

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Libertarian Party 2010 National Convention Las Vegas

Libertarians are popular in Las Vegas! The Libertarian Party received a nice round of publicity in Las Vegas over the past 24 hours regarding the choice of Las Vegas as the 2012 LP National Presidential Convention site. In history of U.S. politics, it will be the FIRST Presidential convention ever held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Libertarian National Committee (the governing body of America’s most successful third party since 1971) met in New Orleans last week to vote on the site of their 2012 national convention. Las Vegas was chosen as the site over finalists Dallas and San Francisco. Libertarian delegates will choose their 2012 Presidential candidate at the convention to be held at Red Rock Resort on May 4th through 6th.

Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee (2008) Wayne Allyn Root, who led the charge to choose Las Vegas as the site and is a regular special contributor to the website, was interviewed by CBS radio, CBS TV, City Life magazine, and the Las Vegas Review Journal. Root is an elected member of the Libertarian National Committee (LNC), and serves as Chairman of the Libertarian National Congressional Committee (LNCC).

Root said, “We will bring a major boost to the economy of Las Vegas with up to 1000 delegates, plus friends and family, as well as major media from across the USA. Our Presidential convention is always televised live by C-Span. The Las Vegas Review Journal reported on the economic impact as up to $1,000,000.”

Root continued, “President Obama irresponsibly denigrated Las Vegas and warned corporate executives to not hold their conventions here. Obama's words badly damaged the Las Vegas economy. America's third party is sending a very different message!” 

Root believes Las Vegas is the perfect town for a major political convention with its reputation as a valuable swing state; as the capital of the important and fast-growing American Southwest; as the tourist and entertainment capitals of the USA- a town whose iconic image represents the best of America to people all over the world; as the town that represents Wild West frontier spirit, rugged individualism, and personal responsibility; as the most Libertarian town in the USA with no personal or business state income taxes, no capital gains taxes, the 16th lowest property taxes in America, legalized gaming, and legal gun ownership.

Root added, “I'm proud to have been the Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee in 2008...and to now announce that Las Vegas is the site of our 2012 Presidential convention.”

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