Last Minute Midterm Election Odds (2010)

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Aaron Goldstein
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Midterm Elections Odds

As we inch ever so closer to Tuesday night’s US Midterm Election Day results, the betting exchange continues to offer updated odds on each Senate race.

The GOP control of the US House of Representatives remained fairly unchanged in recent days at 94.6 percent.

The Democrats retaining control of the Senate was at 46 percent, but still better than the Republicans.

Sharron Angle was now at 70 percent odds of winning the highly contested Senate race out in Nevada.  Her challenger is Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.  News organizations suggest this one is too close to call and results may not be announced until the very early morning hours (especially since this is a West Coast race).  The betting exchange activity seems to indicate that Ms. Angle will win this one handily however.

Barbara Boxer has a 90 percent chance of winning in California according to betting activity. 

Russ Feingold’s chances of winning in Wisconsin were now down to 4 percent.

Christine O’Donnell, though way behind in polling and backing at, received a bit of a boost on Tuesday and was now at nearly 9 percent after dropping to 5 percent.

Democrat Patty Murray was expected to win in Washington State.   She is given a 64 percent chance of doing so.

Rand Paul was at 94 percent in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  Like Angle, Paul is a Tea Party favorite and son of online gambling proponent Ron Paul.

Some other useful odds for post-Mid Term Elections betting included whether Sarah Palin would formally announce a run for President of the United States.  The odds of this happening were at 64 percent. 

Michael Steele to depart as chairman of the RNC before midnight ET on 31 Dec 2010 was at a woeful 2 percent.  Betting volume came in at 1452.

- Aaron Goldstein,

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