Joe Biden’s Son Worked for Online Gambling Firm

Written by:
C Costigan
Published on:
Joe Biden

Hunter Biden, the son of Democratic Vice Presidential running mate, Joe Biden, has agreed to quit his lobbying business. The decision was a response to Obama's desire to distance itself from Washington's influence business.

Among the firms he lobbied for - PartyGaming out of Gibraltar, once the largest online poker room that was forced out of the US market in October 2006.

In June, Biden agreed to work for a wealthy American who founded a large online gambling company from Gibraltar. According to the disclosure forms, Hunter Biden was charged with lobbying House lawmakers on behalf of a law firm that represents online gambling magnate Russ DeLeon. Listed as one of Forbes' richest Americans, DeLeon was an original founder of the popular online gambling company PartyGaming.com. DeLeon is also the husband of co-founder, Ruth Parasol, another billionaire.

Democrats, led by Congressman Barney Frank, have been working to have legislation prohibiting online gambling repealed. Frank introduced a bill on Tuesday that would require federal agencies to define unlawful Internet gambling so banks and other financial institutions can comply with the ban against online wagers.