Florida Primary Betting Odds Have Trump at 1-4: Seeing 54 Percent of Action

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Gilbert Horowitz
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Florida Primary Betting Odds Have Trump at 1-4: Seeing 54 Percent of Action

The betting market likes real estate mogul Donald Trump winning in the Florida Primary.

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The Donald was coming in at 1-4 odds following a Super Saturday Primary/Caucus day of voting in which the businessman/reality television star was clocked in Kansas by Texas Senator Ted Cruz.  The later also won Maine in a surprise upset as a 4-1 underdog. 

Polls had Trump way up in Florida despite Senator Marco Rubio’s anticipated home field advantage. 

Nine out of 10 people surveyed in the latest Tampa Bay Times Florida Insider Poll expect Rubio, an online gambling zealot, to lose Florida's March 15 presidential primary to Donald Trump, and nine in 10 expect Trump to be the Republican nominee.

Last week, Florida Governor Rick Scott refused to endorse Rubio, who has come under fire for his poor attendance record in the Senate and lack of accomplishments while serving. 

Nearly 54 percent of the bets were coming in on Trump while another 24 percent were coming in on Rubio early on.  Early voting had already begun in the Sunshine State with a significant number of negative ads playing against Trump (as we have personally observed from the Gambling911.com Miami Beach headquarters). 

Rubio was coming in at 11-4 odds of winning Florida.  Cruz had odds of between 9-1 and 12-1.

- Gilbert Horowitz, Gambling911.com

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