Bill Hudak Blasts John Tierney For Wife’s Online Gambling Indictment

Written by:
C Costigan
Published on:
Bill Hudak

In a press release issued by the Bill Hudak Congressional campaign, the Massachusetts Republican candidate has blasted his Democratic opponent John Tierney for failing to properly disclose what he knew about his wife Patrice’s dealings with an online gambling enterprise based in Antigua. 

Patrice was charged last week for tax fraud related to the handling of her brother’s offshore sports betting bank account.  John Tierney, a 7-term state rep, has already insisted he knows nothing about his wife’s dealings related to the offshore gambling probe.  Prosecutors claim some $7 million has been transferred in and out of the account in question. 

The press release announces a new commercial airing for the Hudak campaign, “focusing on the serious criminal matter of Congressman John Tierney’s family involvement in racketeering and tax fraud, his questionable votes on Internet and offshore gambling bans and his long record of tax increases for working families.”

As reported last week, Patrice’s brother Bobby Eremian was content on not allowing online gambling to become legalized in the United States, which would actually be contrary to the Congressman’s voting on this matter.  Eremian did not want the competition.  He also did not rely as heavily on payment processing since he is alleged to have employed a network of agents in the U.S., primarily New England, as a means of facilitating bets.  Eremian was charged with money laundering and running an offshore gambling business over the summer.  He had previously served a brief prison stint in 2001 for one count of tax evasion.

Hudak has made the charges a centerpiece for his campaign.

“John Tierney has had a week since his wife was convicted for ‘willful blindness to tax fraud’ to come clean to the voters of the 6th District about his ongoing knowledge of these crimes, which took place in his home,” said Bill Hudak. “It would be a simple matter for the Congressman to disclose financial and legal records that could disprove his direct or indirect involvement in, or benefit from, his family’s criminal activities. Still the Congressman has yet to act. The voters of the 6th District have the right to wonder why.” – Christopher Costigan, Publisher

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