Barack Obama at All Time High to Win 2008 Presidential Election

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C Costigan
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The folks at have made Democratic nominee, Barack Obama, a -350 favorite to become the next President of the United States ahead of Tuesday night's Presidential debate. This is the most Obama has been favored since odds were offered on his chances verses that of Republican Senator John McCain. It was just last month that McCain had narrowed his odds down to even with online bookmaker

The current economic crisis may not help McCain as issues related to the economy tend to work in favor of the Democrats, and there seems to be little exception to that rule here.

Obama's lead widened to 7 percentage points in national polling as well Tuesday.

Obama's gain in the Ipsos/McClatchy poll appears to come from two key factors. First, voters are ever more anxious about the faltering economy and trust Obama by a 15-point margin over McCain to steer it. Second, their confidence that McCain's running mate, Sarah Palin, is qualified to step into the presidency if necessary has fallen sharply. was also offering betting on outcomes from each state.


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