What do you know about the house W88?

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W88 is the oldest dealer in the world. This dealer first appeared on the European market.

Since its first appearance, They have quickly surpassed M88 - the most advanced dealer at that time. Therefore, since 2016 and become the largest dealer in the world. If you've ever played a game or are looking some dealer to join, you can rest assured and choose. It can be said that this is a perfect choice for you to choose and use for a long time.

Some basic information about the prestigious W88 house

W88 is the dealer of the famous betting company MARQUEE HOLDINGS LTD in the world. There was granted a license of operation & financial guarantee from First Cagayan (World Casino Organization).

We will make you satisfied, from the quality of service to the website system

Therefore, with high reputation, the ability to quickly and enthusiastically support and always makes players feel satisfied. Not only that, this dealer also has the best winning/losing ratio in the betting market. Every day, there are thousands of new players coming. In recent times, Gaming Associates has recognized W88 as the dealer which has the most loyal players in Asia. 

Why should you choose the house W88?

To answer this question, we will give some advantages in the article below. So, please follow our article. 

W88 is widely recognized

You may not know it, but currently W88 is the leader dealer in the betting industry. From 2016 to 2017, our voted as Asia's Most Prestigious & Modern Dealer by over 200 million players.

Very fast deposit and withdrawal procedures, 24/7 support

Not only that, at the W88 dealer, the procedure of depositing and withdrawing extremely fast and safely. The support team is enthusiastic and ready to help players 24 hours per day. Besides, we always offers promotions for new members and after-sales for old players every week.

Good interface, high security

Besides, there are many players participating in the dealer system that W88 website interface is quite eye-catching. In particular, also deployed its own application for iOS and Android phones. So that players can participate in any game more conveniently. Any system of us from website to application has good security, ensures customer information quality.

Various product systems and odds

Currently, the game system of W88 is quite complete. There are many popular games in the world such as spinning rikvip, shooting coins, Blackjail, Casino ... The odds of the dealer's are so diverse. Everyday, in the our website fully completes over 5000 matches and you can choose all kinds of rafters from big to small tournaments in the smallest countries.

There are many casinos online

In particular, W88 has been very successful in building an online casino system. Some of online casinos are W88 club, Premier, Massimo and the Palazzo ... Each casino owns all the popular games, such as Baccarat, Long tiger, Poker, Sicbo, Keno ... with the bet money from 1 USD or unlimited amount for players to choose.


W88 - The first virtual sports dealer

There is one thing we are sure that you and many other players still do not know. W88no1 is the first dealer which developed Virtual Sports. At the same time, it is not difficult for you to make money from games like Virtual Football, Virtual Basketball, Virtual Tennis, Virtual Rugby ...


W88 is the only dealer that integrates recharge by phone card

It can be said that we are the only dealer that integrates recharge by phone card. Not only that, you can also deposit, withdraw money through the common electronic wallets in the world.

Since its foundation until now, there are created a lot of value for the players and the world. If anyone ask me about a reputable dealer, I would not hesitate and answer that the company's is the most prestigious dealer on the market. Constantly upgrades its utilities to meet the needs of players better. That is the reason why there are many dealer on the market but W88 still holds the highest position!


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