Popular payment methods that can be used at UK casinos after credit card ban

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UK online casinos that used to accept only credit cards for making deposits and withdrawals to their platforms now have no option but to look for other payment/withdrawal modes to continue their operations.


As per a government order passed in January 2020, none of the UK based casino players will be able to use their credit cards for depositing or withdrawing money to/from these websites. This order came into implementation starting April 14, resulting in a new era for UK online casinos as far as the legal payment options are concerned. Here in this short article we will acquaint you with some of the popular payment methods that can be used as effective alternatives to the conventional credit card payments.


Unlike credit cards, e-wallets don’t involve a physical card, and exist online instead. Just like credit cards, they must be linked to a valid bank account too. You also require a security code to ensure safety of your e-wallet, and associate it with a phone number or email address. Almost all the UK online casinos accept popular e-wallets like Qiwi, Skrill, Trustly, EcoPayz, PaySafe Card, Neteller, Sofort and Euteller these days. 




There’s no denying the fact that PayPal has emerged to be the most popular e-wallet across the world today. You can find online casinos that accept Paypal and easily use your funds there. What makes e-wallets stand out from the rest of the payment options is their speed. Any deposits made through popular e-wallets like Paypal , Skrill, PaySafecard, Neteller etc. get reflected immediately in the online casino account. Furthermore, majority of these casinos also allow e-wallet withdrawals as well, ensuring quicker processing compared to debit cards or bank transfers.

Debit cards

A debit card is directly linked to the player’s bank account, and the money used is debited directly to that account. The primary reason why UK is implementing a ban on credit cards usage for online gambling is tol prevent people from piling on unwanted debt. As debit cards tap into money already available in one’s account, there is no borrowing involved, and hence these cards continue to be accepted at all major online casinos in the country. Maestro, MasterCard and Visa are the biggest names when it comes to debit cards. Hence, if you own any of these and have funds available in your bank account, you will face no problems in topping up your online casino account.


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Bank transfers

Although bank transfers are not the best when it comes to processing speed, they feature extremely low fees. For instance, SEPA allows people residing in EU nations to process bank transfers for almost no charge at all. On the other hand, wire transfer has proven to be the ideal method to withdraw funds from an online casino. In countries outside of Europe, this payment medium continues to be the most popular amongst all when it comes to transaction charges.

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