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Play.casino was a project initially launched in 2018 but then it was put on hold until now. In 2020, a team of casino enthusiasts from Scanteam.pro have decided to restart the project. You might ask why now? Because as more and more players joined the online casino scene, Play.casino will be beneficial in helping casino players through their journey in the world of iGaming. On top of that, UK casino players will have access to up-to-date and complete information about the best casinos to play at.

During the project relaunch, the content on the site has been updated to give players more reliable information on the iGaming industry. The site's design and functionality have been upgraded to provide access to a more user-friendly platform. Moreover, the site will be fully optimised for all mobile devices so users can have access to a wealth of casino information from anywhere and anytime they wish. With Play.casino at its peak, players can gain access to honest reviews that can help them make informed decisions, thereby taking their gambling experience to a whole new level.

Innovation from Play.casino

The project relaunch is a smart move. The site aims to provide UK players with a goldmine of information on online casinos such as casino guides, reviews, and the best online casino lists. This will make players' journey in the iGaming world easier and more entertaining. Besides reviews from experts, the site lets other players share their opinions. As such, UK players will also have access to casino sites that are rated by real players who have played at the casino.

The Play.casino site will also remain one of the most up-to-date out there with reviews about new casinos and slots as well as the latest bonuses and promotions that are available at British online casinos. Players will have access to the mechanics and gameplay details created by game testers who have played the game from several casino sites. The site's designer also researches the best UK online casinos to report considering features like usability, colour scheme, graphics, and mobile compatibility.

Social Networks Launch

Putting more effort to bring its services to every gambler around the world, Play.casino is also launching a few social media channels for players to engage with. These include YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest. On these social platforms, players will find Play.casino's team of experts discussing all the things required to succeed in your journey to the iGaming world. There will be access to the latest news so you can keep abreast of the happenings in the iGaming world. On top of that, you can read unbiased reviews of online casinos, slots, payment methods, and many more.

The team of experts will find the best UK online casinos and review them so that you can have access to the best online gambling experiences. There are tons of benefits to gain from these social networks as they were developed to create one large community for players to come together and interact. There will be a chance for players to bring up subject matters for upcoming videos or articles, ask questions, or even request reviews on a particular UK casino – it's not limited to online casinos, but will cover other iGaming related topics too.

What does Play.casino entail?

The team behind Play.casino encompasses expert and professional gamblers with years of experience in the iGaming industry. They are willing to share their knowledge and expertise with the rest of the world and have been working hard on the platform to make this a success. The site provides unbiased and high standard information – the site does not recommend casinos or games that are not reliable. Instead, all recommended games, casino, or software have been created through carefully examined reviews, voting, and comments made by you and other players. With this, players will have access to reliable information.

PlayCasino's team of experts pay attention to the casino's reputation, software providers, customer support, and many other aspects of trustworthy casinos. The site only features licensed casinos, and you will find information about all licenses that a casino has obtained. The team does not only provide reviews about casinos, but they also monitor the casino to stay up-to-date with any updates in terms of payment options, changes in the license, customer support details, bonus offers, and many more. This innovative project was presented by ScanTeam.pro. 


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