Irish Online Gambling Market Overview

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Ireland has a long tradition of betting, lottery and gambling, and the recent data shows how this trend is here to stay.

Popular websites that rate online casinos such as irishcasinohex.com are used by hunderds of visitors to find a reliable online casino, and the local communities are protesting to help their favorite bingo halls remain opened for business. 

No wonder, as Ireland is one of the biggest gambling markets in the EU, with the turnover from gambling and lottery worth over  €2 billion. But, who are those people that gamble and how do they do it?

National Survey about The Luck of the Irish

In 2014 and 2015, the Irish Gouvernment did an extensive research about gambling in Ireland and concluded how two-thirds of adult population have gambled, bought a scratch card, played bingo or were involved in other form of gambling in the past 12 months. According to the survey, gambling is popular among all generations, and 18% of the entire Irish population is doing it online. It seems that when it comes to online casinos, generation gap is narrower than ever.

Mobile Apps for Gambling on the Go

And while online casinos are popular with youngsters and seniors alike, mobile casino is used mostly by younger population. Overall statistics conclude how 51% of all Irish bettors and casino players used their mobile phones to access favorite casino games and sportsbooks. Every third Irish is using mobile phone as a gambling sanctuary on a regular basis. 

But why is it so? The answer is quite simple. Just a decade ago players had to visit different casinos and betting shops to play games and place bets. With mobile casino apps, all they have to do is tap the screen and they will have thousands and thousands of casino games and betting sites at their disposal at all times. You can communte to work, take a coffe break, wait to pick up your kid from school and spin some slots without anyone even knowing. 

Men vs. Women in Online Casinos 

Online casinos and online gambling are most popular among men in two age groups: 15.5% of men aged between 25 and 34 played in an online casino in the 2015, followed by 12.7% males aged 18 to 24. 

Women, however, are not so keen to online casinos as only 2.8% of females aged between 25 and 34 played in an online casino at the time of the Gouvernment's survey. They are more attracted to scratch cards, lottery, community bingo, and betting on racing meetings. What is most interesting, is that bingo is played mostly among young women aged 18 to 24, which is rather unusual considering this game has a reputation of being the perfect game for the retirement. 

Keep in mind how the last official data collected was in 2015, thus meaning that the umber of online casino players and sportsbook bettors has only increased. Also, it is important to say how the number of online bingo sites is growing rapidly. They are introducing new generations of female population to the world of online gambling. 

Why are Online Casinos Popular in Ireland?

The internet changed not only the online casino industry, but the way players gamble as well. Players no longer settle for mediocre offers and are always looking for better bonuses, promotions, more diverse payment methods and wider range of games. Onlince casinos that want to keep their customers work hard in providing a safe environment, full of persk and benefits that willkonwince players they are valued as customers. 

In the past, many people from smaller towns had no other choice than to bet or gamble at the very few available casinos. Today, no matter whether you live in Dublin, or isolated on an island, you get the same games, opportunities and bonuses as others. 

What is the Future of Online Casinos in Ireland? 

Nowadays, the Irish online gambling market is worth approximately €220 million. As one of the largest gambling markets in the European Union, Ireland will have to focus on developing legislation that goes hand in hand with new technologies and casino trends, as only so can Irish play in safe and regulated environment. 

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