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HolyMolyCasinos is a groundbreaking iGaming affiliate website which extensively covers the industry and provides insight to players and helps boost business operations. The site has reviewed over 1750 different brands from the iGaming world, assigning ratings corresponding to said brand personal merits. Yeti Casino is one of the highest-rated operators at the site with a designated global rating of 9.0, which corresponds to the reliability, trustworthiness and user-friendliness of the brand.

How Does HolyMolyCasinos Achieve Results?

The site uses a combination of industry practices that have proven successful throughout the years. Yet, the service approaches the reviewing process with humour as well as informativeness. 

One of the highlights is the extensive video section the site offers. There, readers find relevant information about various topics that concern players directly. The site makes a point of covering important topics, such as:

  • Best Casinos 

  • Best Bonuses

  • Fast Casinos

The video overview offers additional help to readers who are undecided on which casinos to trust or pick next. The global index that the site uses has a proven track record as it assesses hundreds of casinos against a list of established criteria.

With nearly 1800 brands reviewed, HolyMolyCasinos has a good baseline of comparison, which allows it to assign ratings with confidence.


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