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Evolution Gaming, a Swedish live dealer software provider, has just acquired its license to directly operate in South Africa. Evolution Gaming managed to get the rights to operate in SA as a national manufacturer license from the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board.

The Company is one of the most well-known companies of its sort, already operating in the UK, Malta, Belgium, Romania, Latvia Georgia, British Columbia and some states in the U.S.

This wasn’t the first interaction Evolution Gaming has had with SA. Ezugi, which is the Evolution Gaming subsidiary, is already a licensed operator in South Africa. Ezugi became part of Evolution Gaming towards the end of 2018 and was acquired at $18 million and has been a very profitable purchase for Evolution Gaming.

South Africa Gambling scene

The gambling industry is getting bigger in South Africa, along with online casino becoming a popular concept. The demand for high-quality providers, like Evolution Gaming, has become more prominent. 

South Africa is leading a tech development movement across the region and is one of the first countries in Africa to have its own 5G, to offer frictionless payments, make advanced inf fintech and have overall become an example for may follow. 

The gambling is industry has always been present but the demand for online providers was never that big, simply because the access to the internet is still somewhat of a problem in most countries across Africa, less so in South Africa, but still the demand was far too low for most of the companies to consider entering the SA market. 

Technologically speaking, SA has been lagging but for the last year or two, the innovations have started to come out of the country with more investors looking to get access to the SA market, including Evolution Gaming. 

Evolution gaming did not go blindly into this agreement, having witnessed the success of Ezugi over the last year or so, they knew that if the partnership was made possible it would be a big success for Evolution gaming. Considering that since the beginning of 2019 the industry has just continued to grow and develop the timing was just perfect for the provider and in the future SA might become an even more important partner for Evolution Gaming.

Online gaming potential in the country

 According to the executives at Evolution Gaming, South Africa has a long term potential when it comes to gambling and specifically live online casinos. Since the experience of Ezugi was so great, entering a new market was basically risk-free for the company, and considering that the gambling industry will continue to grow and develop. Evolution gaming services will be available on desktops, smartphones, and tablets but also in retail betting shops which are very popular in South Africa. The country will soon experience Evolution-powered live dealer games and fixed-odds solutions to operators. Evolution Gaming is famous for its high-quality games and professional approach to online casinos. This is a huge deal for the SA market and hopefully, other equally important and successful providers will soon join the list of providers that want to work together with the South African gambling communities.

It is crucial for South Africa to work towards attracting foreign investors because the country’s economy has been struggling for the last couple of years. 

This deal will allow Evolution Gaming to deliver its products to all the licensed gaming operators in South Africa and increase its user base greatly. This is a big deal for both parties involved because it is the first time Evolution Gaming will be entering an African market, which is full of potential and virtually unexplored. Other online operators will soon catch up with Evolution Gaming and its approach to unexplored markets and will likely try to get into the South African market as well.  Since there is not much diversity when it comes to providers in South Africa the position of the leader will be quite easy for the Swedish company to acquire. While it does take some work to get a license to operate in the SA market, from there the procedure does get easier.

An unexplored market

The South Africa online casino will likely need some time to adjust and to create the same traffic it generates in other, more developed countries. But as access to the internet becomes more common and accessing casino games online became easier, the popularity of Evolution Gaming will continue to rise in the country bringing in more opportunities for the gambling lovers and other providers to try and deliver unique services and games to the people. The online gaming community is very close to overtaking the traditional gambling community because the convenience of online games definitely outweighs all the hassle that one has to go through to get into a real casino. 

Slowly online gambling is becoming more important to the casino industry and its growth isn’t showing any signs of stopping. It has become apparent that throughout the years the online gaming has acquired a huge user base and that whether or not the country is technically developed or lagging as it is the case in South Africa the need for good online casino games is strong and the industry can still be profitable. 


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