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Online casino games come in a variety of types. You've got titles that require no effort from you, such as slots. On the other hand, some releases need you to follow rules and make tactical decisions like table variants. At the end of the day, most of these games have an element of luck attached to the outcome of a round, regardless of your level of skill.

One of the more recent gambling options for online casino players is crash gambling. Also called crash betting, these are wagers placed on a game called Crash. Crash gambling games are considered as a form of eSports, with a massive following behind them. 

As the name suggests, you need to anticipate when to stop the round before a 'crash' occurs. Once that happens, you lose your bet. So how does a round play out? Read on to get more details on why it's so popular, its variants, and how you can play it.

Where to Get Crash Gambling

Since this is an online casino game, playing it with real money requires you to sign up at an online casino, just like any other online gambling option. That means you need to find a legit platform offering this game. A few of the best online casinos and sites for this type of gambling include:

  • Roobet - this is a Curacao licensed gaming site that offers Crash as well as sports betting, slots, table games, game shows, and other releases.

  • ForestBet - here, players get more than Crash gambling. There are also tournaments, eSports, and casino games like roulette and slots. You also get a sign-up bonus for becoming a member.

  • TrustDice Crash - besides playing Crash here, you can enjoy sports betting, different casino game types, and live dealer titles. The platform also has a generous deposit bonus for new members.

  • NanoGames - this is a crypto Crash site where you can also play blackjack and hashdice. There's also a chat feature where members can interact while they play.

  • Bustabit - this is solely a Crash game site. You can make wagers using Bitcoin and even invite and interact with other players through private messages.

How to Get Started

Once you find a site you like, go ahead and sign up since that's the only way you can play with real money. In most cases, you'll only need to provide your email, a username, and password to enable logins. Fund your casino account with fiat currency or crypto, depending on what's available on the platform you picked. Once the funds get deposited, you can start to play.

  1. Make a wager - different sites offer different minimum and maximum bet limits, which you'll see as you place your bet.

  2. Wait for the round to start - some releases show a rising graph while others have a moving tank. Every platform has a different way of showing the game.

  3. Watch the multiplier - as the round begins, a multiplier value gets displayed on the screen. Watch as it steadily climbs so you can decide when to end the round.

  4. End the round - you need to stop the game before it ends. That way, your bet amount gets multiplied by the displayed multiplier value displayed.

Remember that if you wait for the crash to occur, you will lose your funds. The multiplier will also reset for the next round.

Crash Gambling Variations

You'll come across several options to play this game based on how you fund your gambling. These include:

  • Coin Crash gambling - this is for fiat currency users since you can make bets in EUR, USD, and other common currencies

  • CS: GO Crash gambling - this is for CS: GO fans since bets or wins get credited as game skins, loot boxes, or cases

  • Crypto Crash gambling - from the name, you can tell wagers and wins get credited in cryptocurrency options like BTC, ETH, LTC, and USDT, among others

Play for Free or Real Money

Most online casino games enable players to choose whether to wager real or virtual money. Real money options have real cash rewards in store, whereas free play offers no monetary prizes. So why choose to play for free? There are various reasons you'd choose to play for free. These include:

  • Fun - there are times you simply feel like having fun online to pass time.

  • Depleted bankroll - if you run out of funds but would like to continue playing, free play allows you to.

  • Practice - for new players, it offers a chance to get some practice on the release before they place real money wagers.

  • New launches - whenever new crash releases have launched, free play enables you to try it out without making a financial commitment.

How you choose to play depends on your mood when you're on the site. You can also enjoy this gambling option on mobile. However, keep in mind that this is a game of luck. You rely on your gut feeling to decide when to stop the ongoing round, which can be hard at times. So, before you start playing, set the auto settings or have a betting strategy in play to help you manage your losses.


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