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Casino Horse is an up-and-coming casino affiliate website and fast growing gambling community founded in 2020. Its goal is to be the first port of call for online punters, be they experienced veterans or complete newbies. The website aims to provide the most up to date and relevant information regarding the hottest new games, most rewarding bonuses, honest casino and slot reviews, and much more. 


The website’s design is crisp and intuitive, allowing visitors to quickly get the information they need for a great online casino experience. Created by players for players, there is no filler or fluff- just relevant unbiased information and insight. It has a constantly growing database of online casinos around the world, and their goal is to conquer an international audience. Creating an account on the website provides a tailored experience by saving a list of favorite casinos for future reference   

How Does Casino Horse Stand Out From The Crowd?


Casino review sites are a dime a dozen, but the dedicated and experienced team at Casino Horse strives to rise above the competition. Casino Horse employs researchers and writers who are experienced punters themselves, and as such are acutely aware of the most common pain points in the online casino space. 


While online gaming is a fun and exhilarating pastime, games can be fraught with small-print and often confusing or misleading rules and terms of service. This can leave the uninformed user open to bad experiences and unintended losses. This website aims to cut through the noise, demystify the workings of online casinos and provide players with valuable, actionable information. 


The platform is founded on unbiased trustworthiness; putting honesty first in their independent reviews. Their team of professional researchers treats every review with an impressive attention to detail, and an emphasis on providing real world, actionable advice. 


The world of online gambling is constantly changing and evolving, and the community is well aware of this. Gambling laws and regulations and casino terms and conditions change all the time, so having the latest information is a must for the discerning player. Casino horse stays on top of the latest industry developments to meet the needs of players and add value to their gaming experience.    


A Bespoke Experience


Providing concise, accurate and detailed information is all well and good, but Casino Horse goes a step further. It allows visitors to customize their experience by creating a personal account. The onboarding process is quick and easy- you just need to provide a username, email address and password and you are good to go.


Once the account is created, players can add casinos, bonuses and slots to their list of favorites for future reference. In addition, they can add their own ratings and provide feedback regarding what they like and dislike. This creates a thriving community of real world players and allows an exchange of opinions. 


While experienced players know what to look for in a new casino, less experienced punters can be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information. Luckily, most casinos and slots have a demo mode option where you can try slots out without having any skin in the game. This is where the favorites list comes in handy- it allows you to have a list of casinos you have visited. Your rating can not only remind you which ones to play again and which ones to avoid, but can also help others to make an informed decision,  

Site Structure and Content


Casino Horse might be the new kid in town, but you would never know it browsing through the site. It is well organized, informative and easy to use- just what a great online casino review should look like. When you hit the homepage, there are four main categories: casinos, bonuses, slots and news. They are further divided into specialized sections in a very practical and logical way. The website is growing quickly, and new content is being added on a daily basis. Here is a deeper look into each of the categories.




Casinos make up the bulk of the content on the site, and are divided into online casinos, casino reviews, new casinos, mobile casinos and casinos by country,such as UK. Reviewing casinos is a very exact process where Casino Horse writers and researchers delve deep into the workings of a betting shop. Every casino review consists of an overview, bonuses and promotions, VIP club schemes, customer support, banking policies and mobile platform reviews.     


The team reaches out personally to the support department to get a feel for the quality of customer support. They also go through the terms and conditions with a fine tooth comb and highlight important factors that might be easily overlooked. Each review is summed up with a professional verdict that highlights both good and bad sides of the gaming provider. 


If casinos have suspicious or incomplete data, players are advised to be cautious. Red flags can include: a long list of restricted countries, unreasonably high wagering requirements, hidden fees, unresponsive support, and much more.




The bonus section is divided into: casino bonuses, bonus reviews, welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses, free spins bonuses, and reload bonuses. It gives players detailed information on what is needed in order to claim bonuses. The bonus section is a veritable how-to on knowing what to look out for when looking into a bonus.


Casino Horse helps users filter out the good bonuses from the bad, and also provides a practical education on the different types of bonuses, how to spot the best deals, how to avoid scams, and how to claim bonuses. New bonuses are continuously being added, so that users never miss out on the hottest deals.




Slots have the following categories- casino slots, slot reviews, halloween slots, video slots, and new slots. Casino Horse goes in depth to provide the most actionable slot information, from the game features and mechanics to a detailed payout table and RTP percentages. There is also an advanced filtering option that lets players search by game providers, RTP, playlines, slot dimensions and jackpots. Live dealer and table games are not yet listed, but there are plans to add these sections to the platform.




The news section is designed to be a universal source of the latest developments and trends in the industry. The blog section is still quite small, but new posts are being added all the time. It is a space for the Casino Horse team to weigh in on the hottest topics in the online gambling industry and provide their unique perspective. 

Other Features


Each of the above categories has a useful section that provides a quick reference for the most frequently asked questions. This is a great resource to get quick answers at a glance. The FAQs are an overview of the most common problems faced by online punters. Another useful feature of the website is a powerful search function that lets users quickly find what they need.


Aside from providing the most up to date and valuable information to players, Casino Horse is also invested in promoting responsible gambling. Their website contains links to many useful resources that provide help and information regarding problematic gambling. Online gambling should be an exciting and fun experience, but it is extremely important to be aware of potential risks.


Casino Horse aims to bridge the divide between players and operators with honest, up to date information. By providing expert advice and insight, the platform levels the playing field and ensures players know exactly what to expect from their online gambling experience. Knowledge is power, and the right knowledge at the right time can be the difference between a fun and exciting online gambling experience and a frustrating one.

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