Are Live Casino Games Slowly Taking Over?

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The online gaming universe expands at such a high rate that it’s almost impossible to anticipate what a year ahead of us – let alone a decade – could bring forward.

Not even the most passionate gaming enthusiasts could have predicted that the gaming segment would see such a rapid growth over the past decade which has, in all honesty, left the land-based industry trailing in its wake.

Once considered a mainstream gaming aspect, brick-and-mortar casinos have long suffered under the online casino dominance and with the technical advances in full force it can hardly come as a big surprise to see the emergence of tech novelties that are slowly taking over as viable and pretty much preferable options to regular online casino.

Live Dealer Casinos as Gaming Industry Mainstream

Hitting the scene as a hybrid of two main gaming sources – land-based and online – the live dealer casinos are emerging as a growing presence. The overwhelming occurrence in the iGaming industry, live dealer casinos offer a unique experience of a regular, brick and mortar casino from the comfort of your home which is the basic aspect speaking in favour of such a gaming feature.

The online gaming scene has recognised the growing significance and popularity of live dealer casinos and we currently have an increasing number of software specialists that are beginning to deal with live dealer casinos.

Software providers which have long been oriented towards the classic slot games, as one of the biggest attractions in an online landscape, have been rather quick to recognise the shift in trend and decided to invest a great deal in live dealer casinos by placing a special focus on a wide variety of classic table games such as roulette, blackjack or baccarat among others, all with a hybrid twist that everybody seems to be loving at the moment.

The increase in popularity has hit the roof with live games prevalence currently standing at up to 17% at online casinos’ main pages in the United Kingdom alone.

Live Casino Games Becoming a Growing Presence

One of the main reasons behind the growing popularity of live casino games is the fact that having a live dealer makes players feel more comfortable and trustworthy, especially in the reel-money landscape.

This is where the biggest advantage lies between live dealer casino games and machine-operated and controlled simulations.  

The general online industry has recognised the importance of live dealer casinos as well and today we have more and more sites dealing exclusively with live casino games. One of those sites is LiveCasinos.com which lists all the best live dealer casinos, software providers and a selection of games you can play live.

The entertainment factor of live dealer casino games has also been a crucial aspect and operators themselves are investing significant effort into creating as exciting games as possible.

Hand in hand with Playtech as one of industry’s leaders, Evolution Gaming are hitting it big with their latest products. They used a glorious occasion – the International Casino Exhibition (ICE) – held in London back in February 2017, to present their  brand-new Dream Catcher lucky wheel, a visually impressive vertical set-up with multiplier segments that go up to 7x.

First in a ground-breaking game category Live Lucky Wheel, Dream Catcher went on to gain full acclaim by being named Digital Product of the Year at the Global Gaming Awards (G2E).

The Future of Live Casino Gaming Online

A mere look at the confirmed unpredictability of the online gaming sector is enough to throw us all out of balance at a first attempt to predict the next big thing to come our way.

One thing is sure, though, we are in for some rather exciting times with the live dealer casinos and games.

From the technical side of things, we are likely to get an increased selection of games as casinos are sure to try and leverage their under-utilized assets to accommodate the latest generation of gamers. Better streaming and improved connectivity will offer a more seamless relationship between live casinos and players, whereas the increased focus on mobile games is almost certain.  

Using the land-based casinos as a starting point, across the online casinos and now live dealer ones as the logical combination of the two, one could only speculate that Virtual Reality facilities are the logical continuation of a growing mobile trend.

NetEnt as a leading provider of top-quality casino solutions has tickled our imagination already by announcing the real-money Virtual Reality slot of the popular Gonzo’s Quest game which is expected to be added to the company’s existing offering soon enough.

With all of that in mind, there is no telling where the ever-evolving gaming universe will take us.



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