Online Bookie Agents: How To Promote the Triple Crown To Your Bettors

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They just completed the draw for the 143rd Kentucky Derby. Odds have been set. Soon, online bookie agents are going to receive bets on which horses have what it takes to win the Derby. Exotic wagering should happen this Saturday, the day of the 2017 Kentucky Derby.

In the meantime, especially since it’s only Wednesday, bookmakers should promote not just the Derby but the entire Triple Crown series of races:  the 2017 Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes.

Triple Crown is the Super Bowl of Horse Racing

Although some may argue the Breeders’ Cup is the Super Bowl of horse racing, pools on Triple Crown race days beg to differ. The Sport of Kings is about action. It’s the one sport in the United States that depends on betting money.

No money is bet more on a single horse race than the Kentucky Derby. The Preakness Stakes demands action as well. So, does the Belmont Stakes.

What it means is that all together, the 3 races that make up the Triple Crown are considered the Super Bowl of Horse Racing.

But, horse racing is relatively unknown to most sports bettors. That’s why per head agents should alert their players that coming up this Saturday on May 6, the Super Bowl of Horse Racing starts with the Kentucky Derby.

Remind Players of Horse Racing Odds

Horse racing odds are different than traditional against the spread odds. For example, if players liked the New England Patriots to beat the Atlanta Falcons in this year’s Super Bowl, they laid -3 points for the right to make $90 for every $100 bet.

In the 143rd Kentucky Derby the favorite, Classic Empire, may go off at 4 to 1 odds. What that means is that for every $100 bet on Classic Empire, the return is $400.

There’s no other sport in the world where players can make above even money odds on a single entrant.

For most races, above even money odds are the norm. Per head agents should remind their players that they can make much more by betting on a single horse to win in a horse race than they can by betting on a baseball, football, or basketball game.

When it comes to the Triple Crown Races, because of the pool sizes, there’s even more money to be won.

Players can make a killing on finding the Kentucky Derby winner, as an example, because the win pool should be over $5 million.

The more money in the pool, the more money to distribute to players that wagered on the winner. Online bookie agents must alert their players to this fact.

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