You Suck at Sports Betting! Here's How We Know

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Gilbert Horowitz
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Want to know if you are a good sports bettor or not?

Last week, Steve Rubenfaer joined the Knup Sports Show to talk about his app that helps bettors learn how good or bad they are at sports betting.

The app is called Bettor Takes.  It is an app that analyzes your betting history and reveals your strengths and weaknesses and it's available to download from Apple and will be on Android soon here.

Rubenfaer tells Knup that the app "really helps uncover your patterns and biases".


He adds: "We look through our algo, it combs your past history, your past betting history, finds similar situations to the one right now, and distills a whole bunch of variables into a number that we call your edge score. And your edge score is a measure of your proficiency in that particular bet. And there’s no other variables in it except for your betting history."

The app removes the biggest obstacle encountering a typical sports gambler: Being human.

"We don’t have an opinion about the game, or the team, or we don’t know if it’s a good bet or bad bet, there’s no other data in the algo except how you do in these situations."

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- Gilbert Horowitz, Gambling911.com

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