With Micropayments, the Use Cases Are Infinite... Especially With Gaming

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Aaron Goldstein
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The unique ability to conduct micropayments using the BSV blockchain is a recurring theme throughout the inaugural Unbounded Capital Summit in New York City.

The invite-only event held this past fall featured bright minds in the blockchain space and beyond, including Haste CMO Joe DePinto, FYX Gaming CEO Adam Kling, and Tokenized CEO James Belding—a “showing” versus “telling” of the powers of a massively scalable blockchain technology.

Micropayments allow for penny bets, thus taking social gaming to the next level.  Who needs prizes when you can make some solid cash.

Here is why it matters and how the BSV blockchain allows for these types of payments and bets:

Online micropayments enable a new world of efficient revenue models for businesses to consider. The BSV network allows new, highly scalable workflows to replace subscription and ad-based revenue models, leveraging Bitcoin's highly efficient blockchain as a real-time financial database.

The Bitcoin ledger allows service providers to focus on their customers, removing payment gateways, shopping carts and the slow, clunky steps of on and off-ramping clients to 3rd party processors to complete transactions.

Another positive aspect of the micropayment revenue model: It can drastically increase margins whilst enabling lower fees, increasing your competitive advantage.

Micropayments and microbetting garnered some significant press over the summer with the announcement that YouTuber-turned boxer Jake Paul had become an investor in the microbetting site BetR.

There is instant gratification.

Sports and entertainment attorney Adam Arnaout told Insider this fall "To give users the ability to have somewhat of an instant gratification and experience that feeling of winning in more frequent intervals than was previously possible, I think is a really unique and valuable concept," he said. "People inherently want that feeling."

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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