Jenny Woo Reconnects With Her High School Beau

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Jenny Woo
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As many of my readers know, I had to head up to my home town of Pensacola, Florida to help with some family affairs. 

Pensacola is a small town.  There is not much to do.  It's so boring there that even though I volunteer my time at animal shelters, the only thing to do there is tip cows over at night, and I would partake (a long long time ago)....and no cow was hurt, OKAY!  The only one hurting was me because another fun thing to do in Pensacola was get strung out on mushrooms. 

By the way, I'm probably going to be moving back and residing in Gulf Breeze where a 5 bedroom home rents for $700 a month.  No more pay advances my dear beloved boss!  Yay!

Well, most of the folks I went to High School with still live in Pensacola or the surrounding area.  So while in my home town, I reconnected with an old High School sweetheart.  Actually, we were just friends, not really dating.

But this go around we decided to give dating a try and, oh God, here is where my sappy side comes into play.

My FRIEND was such a gentleman and y'all know Jenny loves a gentleman (and, yeah, was up in Pensacola way too long so my Redneck accent came back Y'ALL). 

Biting into a crisp apple took me back to the feel of the cool apple tree bark and the fragrance that waft through my home town as we set up a picnic on the plush green lawn.  My "friend" pulled me close to him and he placed his hand on my own dainty soft metacarpus.  There was a peck on my left cheek, nothing more as he continued to act the perfect gentleman. 

We later walked hand in hand along the white sandy beach.  The two of us stared as the ocean turns the diamond-like reflections from the sun into a silver pathway to stars.  I was later wooed by a beachfront candlelight dinner to the sounds of palm trees rustling in the cool sea breeze.  It was so romantic.  The two of us just lay there as dark clouds moved swiftly across the sky, covering the glistening stars and full, silver autumn moon with their gray billowing veil. The wind tore through my long flaxen hair whipping it about my face in a wild frenzy, striking with wet lashes and blocking my large, russet eyes from viewing the horizon beyond.

We strolled back to my "friend's" car.  He opened the passenger door for me.  What a true gentleman.  A felt like a true lady from another era, a young beautiful virgin.  We cackled as we did during our High School years with sweet youthful glee.

Needless-to-say, this date was going nowhere fast.  This foreplay thing is a waste of time as far as I am concerned. 

"F*** me!" I begged with a loud orgasmic scream.  "**** **** NOW YOU HOT ***** ******.  I want you to ***** and **** and ***** and ***** and **** and ****** NOW!  I WANT IT NOW *************** ******* ******* ********* ********** *******."

This was the first time we fornicated and hopefully it will not be the last time since he truly knows how to treat a woman in bed.....errr...in the back seat of his car.

My man, unable to form tangible words as his fingers stroked their way over the **** of my ******.

My eyes clenched as I tossed my head from side to side with convulsions as Luke's fingers tickled and (deleted), one tiny garment separating his touch from ******.

Throwing me, up and down. Up and down, running his fingertips, stroking the length of my (deleted).

"Oh God." I shouted as he jumped and bucked my hips, my **** ******* and **** beneath his meticulous touch. I grabbed his hand, pushing it against my ****, trying to make him stop teasing me.

Swollen and ultrasensitive to touch, my **** was like a tiny crux of energy. I wanted to scream in ecstasy as he thrust his (deleted) (deleted) (deleted).

Smoking is bad for your health.  And at 30 I'm not too old to realize this.  Yes, I quit smoking recently, having watched a family member suffer and get a second chance.  I am walking around with this damn patch on my back feeling like some alien placed a computer chip inside me.  I've had worse placed inside me, that I can say.  Still, I will smoke when drinking and I am cranky if I don't have my cigarettes.  My boss probably thought I was on PMS, which maybe I was. 

OMG so Saturday night I finally got to hang with my dear friend, Rebecca "AyRebecca" Liggero here in Miami Beach.  She was here representing an online gambling company that just hired her recently.  I allowed some bowtie wearing gay guy named Geraldo to mingle with Calvin Ayre's niece, however, so we knew that wasn't going to go anywhere and no way was Calvin's niece about to hook up with a guy wearing a bowtie.  Oh that would be a hoot!  I made it a point to C*** block the coke dealer who was trying to hit it with her while my friend Tommy sat there all droopy eyed.  It is my duty to protect the young ‘em.  The bar was called Roc Bar - It should have been called C*** Block Bar. 

I must be getting old.  My dear friends, including my boss, left me at the W Pool to wander off to this place all sloppy drunk about two blocks down the street.   Apparently they thought I was going to hook up with some guy at the W Pool.  I was not horny.  I was just suffering from withdrawals because of this stupid "stop smoking" patch on my back.  I displayed strong self-discipline by refusing his advances and not going into the bathroom for a quickie as I might have been persuaded if I wasn't wearing the patch.  Rebecca and I left the club together at 3:47 am and what happens in Miami Beach stays in Miami Beach so nobody but us knows what happened after 3:47 am.  The W and Roc Bar were both very nice as was Prima Pasta where we ate earlier.  Becka and I both ordered the same thing, Spinach Pasta.

Jenny Woo, Gambling911.com Senior International Correspondent 

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