High Stakes Poker Season 10 Premiere Features Crazy Chop Pot: Bride of Chucky Star Gets Aggressive

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Ace King
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Ema Zajmovic and Matt Hanks played what was referrred to as a RIDICULOUS hand in the premiere of High Stakes Poker Season 10. Zajmovic got all the money in with top set against just top pair.

A poker “tie” or “chop” is where two or more players have the same winning hand at showdown. The chips are divided equally among the winners.

From PokerNews.com:

A poker player (Pierre Kauert) didn't realize he should have chopped the pot in the WSOP Circuit event, and neither did the dealer or live-stream announcers. Instead, he was out in fifth place and no one said a peep to him about it until it was too late, although it did appear that some players at the table may have noticed the pot should have been chopped.

Bride of Chucky star Jennifer Tilly also provided plenty of entertainment in the premier episode.

Most of the action outside of the aforementioned chop pot hand was due to the aggressive play of poker bad boy Persson and Tilly, the high-stakes poker playing actress. On the first hand, in true form, Persson made a large three-bet with 6-5 off-suit to take down the pot. Later on, he made an ambitious $40,000 turn bet with just a small pair before having to fold when Bellande moved all in with top pair and a queen-high flush draw.

Tilly was also aggressive at the table, making large preflop raises with marginal hands in a few instances.

High Stakes Poker Season 10 comprises of14 episodes, other players to play later this season includes Daniel Negreanu, Andrew Robl, Bill Perkins, Antonio Esfandiari, and many others.

- Ace King, Gambling911.com

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