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Here is our philosophy when it comes to making American Idol predictions.  As each week passes, one Idol gets eliminated and presumably his or her fan base will vote for someone else.  They will inevitably select someone with a similar style to that of their booted favorite. 

Things get tricky when one considers that NONE of this year's crop of American Idol talent came even remotely close to matching the style of Adam Lambert.

Once we get to the final three weeks, if people are voting for Lambert now, odds are they won't be voting for him after the finale either.

Early favorite to win this year's American Idol, Danny Gokey, got voted off last week.  Keep in mind that he was never in the bottom three.  Who will his fan base vote for in the final? says the majority probably won't go for Adam Lambert.  Gokey, a Born-Again Christian, represented the wholesome image first developed around Idol back when it began a number of years back.  Since then a handful of Idols have managed to break the mold.  Among them:  Chris Daultry and last year's winner, David Cook.  But even those Idols were seen as "fitting the mold" despite their more edgier performances (and let's not forget Chris Daultry found himself eliminated a few weeks before the final). 

Adam Lambert is "in your face" opposite of your typical American Idol wannabe.  He's flashy, eccentric and - every obviously - has gay tendencies, at least that is the perception.  A series of gay Idols emerged among the final 24 last year after being voted in by the judges and none lasted to see the final 12.  The question is:  Will America be ready for an Adam Lambert?

We think that most of the Danny Gokey voters will discover an easy transition to Kris Allen.  That might not be the case with Adam.

What might save Lambert is that he is probably the biggest talent this show has ever seen and more people are likely to vote during the finale who have never voted the rest of the season.

The oddsmakers and betting public is all over Adam Lambert with a current line of -350 at SBG Global. 



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