2008 Miss World Betting Odds

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2008 Miss World Betting Odds have been released by BetUS.com

The event will take place December 13, 2008 in Johannesburg, South Africa.  The event was moved from Kiev, Ukraine due to the escalating tensions between neighboring Russia and Georgia.

Interestingly enough, Miss Ukriane was instilled as the early favorite to be crowned the 2008 Miss World winner.  She was listed with 6/1 odds for a payout potential of $600 for every $100 bet. 

Miss Spain was given 8/1 odds, Miss Ecuador 10/1 odds, Miss Trinidad and Tobago 10/1 odds, Miss Mexico 10/1 odds and Miss Dominican Republic 12/1 odds.   Miss Namibia, Miss Bahamas, Miss Venezuela were also each given 12/1 odds.  The host country of South Africa had its representative with 15/1 odds.  

Other odds included: Miss Denmark, Miss Norway and Miss India each with 15/1 odds.  Miss Slovakia and Miss Russia had 18/1 odds.  Miss Bolivia, Miss Brazil, Miss Puerto Rico, Miss Belize, Miss Panama, Miss Czech Republic, Miss Philippines and Miss Belgium each had 20/1 odds.  

Miss Chile had 25/1 odds while a bunch of countries came in with 30/1 odds including Miss Turkey, Miss Sweden, Miss Greece, Miss Colombia, Miss Guatemala, Miss Mauritius, Miss Argentina and Miss Aruba.  At 35/1 odds we had Miss Indonesia, Miss Japan, Miss Malaysia and Miss China.  At 40/1 odds there was Miss Portugal, miss Paraguay, Miss Belarus, Miss Ireland, Miss Jamaica and Miss Croatia.  Two countries were listed with 45/1 odds:  Miss Korea and Miss Latvia. 

A bunch of country 2008 Miss World representatives had odds of 50/1 including:  Miss Lebanon, Miss Costa Rica, Miss England, Miss Poland, Miss Peru, Miss Albania, Miss Serbia and Miss Kazakhstan.  At 60/1 odds we had Miss Iceland, Miss Austria, Miss Guyana, Miss Montenegro and Miss Thailand.  There were a bunch of women with 70/1 odds including Miss Georgia, Miss Gibraltar, Miss Netherlands, Miss Nigeria, Miss Italy and Miss Curacao.  

Coming in with 80/1 odds were Miss El Salvador, Miss France, Miss Canada, Miss Hungary, Miss Scotland, Miss Australia, Miss Sri Lanka, Miss Chinese Taipei, Miss Martinique and Miss Israel.  Then there were those girls with the dubious of having the longest odds to win the 2008 Miss World pageant.  They included Miss Bulgaria, Miss Finland, Miss Singapore, Miss Germany and Miss Cyprus. 

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